Australia: the phenomenon of “deceiving corpses” does exist. 17 months after death, the body is still moving!

Birth, aging, illness and death are the unchanging laws of nature, and they are the things that we human beings have to face. About “death”, many people often feel fear and awe, and even full of curiosity. For example, someone may want to ask, “what is it like at the moment of death?” “What are the signs of human beings before they die? “And so on. Today, we are going to tell you something strange. In Australia, there has always been a mysterious place called” corpse farm “. This place is full of corpses and full of mystery.

Australian corpse farm – “human decay laboratory”

Referring to the corpse farm, many netizens can’t help feeling: “isn’t this the scene in the movie? Does it exist in reality? “Yes, there is a” corpse farm “in reality. The corpse farm in Australia is located on the outskirts of Sydney. Its entrance is a long narrow path. The whole forest is filled with a sense of depression and terror. Who built this “corpse farm”? It is the first “corpse decay laboratory” founded by the University of Sydney.

1. What is Australian corpse farm?

There is an old saying in China that we should make peace with the land. What is the meaning of the existence of “corpse farm”? Dead people can not live in peace, but also become experimental objects. In fact, the purpose of the first “corpse farm” established by Sydney University of science and technology is to help scientists and police better understand what happens after human death. The relevant person in charge said: “through the establishment of the corpse farm, we can better predict the death of the dead. Sometimes, through autopsy, we can find out where the dead lived and what kind of lifestyle they like.” Among them, the Australian police’s success in solving the case is largely due to the murder related clues obtained from the “Australian corpse farm”. Many netizens can’t help asking: “are all the corpses of Australian farms exposed outside?” It’s not that at any time, two or more corpses can’t be exposed on the ground in Australian farms. The staff will spend a lot of time working in a single corpse to be responsible for daily management.

A teenager of Mexican immigrants was killed in a drug trade. He would never know that his last resting place was in the “corpse farm” full of gloomy fear. The corpse of the teenager turned into a mummy and was pressed down by thick autumn leaves. The whole forest was filled with the tranquility of death. This was the first corpse in the corpse farm Body, different corpses, the staff placement method is also different, because the speed of corpse decay is different, the staff should classify according to the speed and degree of corpse decay, and then quickly find out the death time of the corpse.

2. Corpse farm can help police solve cases by “soil sample and smell”

A long time ago, when science and technology were relatively backward, in the process of cracking a murder case, researchers could determine the time of death of a corpse by analyzing soil samples. Researchers found that a corpse could release five kinds of fatty acids into the soil. Through these fatty acids, the first scene of a corpse could be directly determined. Even if the murderer moved the place, the first scene could still be found .

In addition, researchers can determine the time of death by observing the activity of insects on decaying corpses. However, if the corpse decays to the point where only bones are left, it is very difficult to determine the time of death. In addition, researchers can also use the smell of decomposed corpses to solve cases. Different bodies have different degrees of decay, and the smell is also different. Through the smell of decay, the staff will determine the final death time of the body.

No matter how smelly the corpse was, these workers had to look down, smell and touch it. Restoring the original appearance of a pile behind a case by a skeleton, let the corpse “speak” and let the suspect have nowhere to hide.


Why did the corpse farm choose Australia?

When a person’s life is over, the heart stops beating and no longer delivers oxygen to the cells and tissues of the body. Usually within three to seven minutes, brain cells die first, while bone and skin cells can survive for several days. Blood will flow out of the capillaries and gather in lower parts of the body to form necropsy spots. Spot is one of the earliest corpse phenomena. It appears in 2-4 hours after death, develops to the highest level after 12-14 hours, and is fixed in 24-36 hours and does not transfer until the corpse decays.

It is estimated that many people are puzzled: “why did the corpse farm choose Australia? It’s so big all over the world, why don’t you choose to build it elsewhere? ” Because Australia’s climate is different. Compared with other foreign countries, Australia is located in the southern hemisphere. The time difference between Australia and China is only 2-3 hours. Australia’s climate zone is divided into two parts: one is the northern tropical climate, and the other is the southern temperate climate. According to the temperature, humidity and other factors in Australia, the “corpse farm” was finally selected in Australia, because only here can the corpse decay not become so fast. For example, corpses decay twice as fast in water as on the ground. Corpses decay most slowly underground, especially in clay or other solid materials. Australia’s special geographical environment is very suitable for the establishment of a corpse farm. The long-term study of this subject is also an honor for Australia, because the victims and missing persons can be identified through the corpse farm.

Corpse farm appeared “cheat corpse” situation, 17 months after the death also appeared in the mobile

When it comes to “deceiving a corpse”, many netizens will associate it with Qiaoduan in horror movies. In the eyes of the older generation, deceiving a corpse is a breath left after death. After being hit by an animal, the soul attaches itself to sit up. Wherever the corpse exists, there will be some supernatural strange images. After people are breathless, affected by the surrounding electric ions, some of the dead will appear the illusion of “life characteristics”. In Australian corpse farms, there have been cases of “deceiving corpses”.

At the corpse farm, the researchers placed multiple cameras and cameras on the trees to take pictures of the corpses every 30 minutes. To the surprise of scientists, many people who have been declared dead by medical science are not at rest. They are afraid of “deceiving the corpse” in the “corpse farm”. In the experiment lasting for more than 17 months, the corpse will have different changes. For example, the most common situation is that the arms of the corpse will move, some of the corpse’s arms will open to form a “one”, and some of the corpse’s arms will open to form a “one” The arm will move from the left or right side to the other side, and some corpses will move their arms directly to the waist and do the action of fork waist, which lasted for nearly 17 months. Why does this strange phenomenon happen in the corpse farm?

The scientist explained: “if in other countries, the corpse begins to decompose about a month after death, and the climate and environment in Australia are the most different. No matter which way of placement, winter or summer, the corpse will still be mummified three years later. According to long-term in-depth research, scientists have found that the phenomenon of “deceiving corpses” in the corpse farm is not superstition that something has been attached to the corpse, but because the corpse is mummified in the process of decomposition, leading to the drying of ligaments in the muscles, resulting in contraction and movement of the limbs.

What does that mean? Generally speaking, although human is the body of the body, its structure is complex. The body is composed of different tissues such as fat, muscle, bone and ligament. In the state of being awake and alive, through the coordination of nerves, people can complete these limb movements, such as walking, raising arms, raising hands and so on. When people die and lose their breath, in the process of decomposition, the internal environment has changed significantly, and the contraction of ligaments will make people’s limbs move. Therefore, it is not surprising that the movement of corpses in Australian corpse farms changed 17 months after their death.

Where does the “corpse” in Australian corpse farm come from?

Some netizens will ask, “where did the corpses from the Australian corpse farm come from? “Some unclaimed corpses and donated corpses will be sent to the corpse farm. Usually, the corpse farm will store the received corpses in the cold storage, and then the corpses will be numbered and placed in a specific location on the corpse farm. After that, researchers will use various simulation methods to assume the crime scene and restore all the circumstances of the crime, conduct regular body excavation exercises, and enhance the ability of collecting corpses and identifying bones in case solving. When carrying out project research, researchers will pay high respect to these donors and show the greatest sympathy to the families involved, because they have made outstanding contributions to the society.

The existence of corpse farm solves the problem of “discarding the dead”

There is an old Chinese saying: “death is the most important thing, and death is the most important thing”. However, there are many cases in the world where the dead are thrown away. These bodies may be thrown into the wilderness or in the deep sea. No matter how they are thrown away, it is unacceptable. Due to different culture, religion and defense, the funeral culture of different countries is also different, and the existence of corpse farm to a certain extent solves the problem of “littering the dead”. The corpse placed in the “corpse farm” will not only get rest, but also help the relevant experts to solve the case as soon as possible, which plays a very important role in the society. Therefore, when we look at the issue of corpse farm, we can no longer ridicule it. We hope that it can save the innocent lives of those who died in vain and the cases that have not been solved, and help the people who have been persecuted to redress their grievances.


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