Baby, I’m sorry. The last dose I can give you is euthanasia

Euthanasia refers to stopping treatment or using drugs for patients who can not be cured, so that patients can leave without pain. The word “euthanasia” comes from Greek, which means “happy” death, that is, painless death.

Today, I’d like to talk about the example of euthanasia, which is aimed at the “euthanasia families” in the United States

There is a lovely little girl named Jode. His parents love her very much. She also has a brother who loves her. Just when the family lived a happy life, Jode, 3, was found to have “inclusive myopathy”. This disease will slowly paralyze the whole body, lose self-care ability, lose all physiological functions, and finally die. Jode can’t run and jump happily any more, and she can’t swallow anything. She lives on the cold machine. Her parents are almost broken when they look at her daughter who is no longer alive. Jode is very sensible. Although he suffered a lot during chemotherapy, he still smiles at his parents. For three years, Jode’s condition showed no sign of improvement. Jode, who was suffering from pain, finally couldn’t bear it and decided to give up. Mom and dad are not willing to leave their clever daughter. But I couldn’t bear to see my daughter continue to be tortured. Finally, I let go of my daughter’s hand in tears

Jessica is also a lovely girl, and her parents dote on her. When she was four years old, Jessica felt a lot of pain in her limbs. Hospital tests showed that she had neuroblastoma. The cure for the disease is rare. Due to chemotherapy, Jessica lost all her hair, but Jessica is still optimistic and full of hope in the face of life. But the doctor couldn’t do anything about Jessica’s illness. In Jessica’s last time, Jessica told her father that she didn’t want to suffer like this. Could she be euthanized.

Frida, a boy, suffered from leukemia when he was eight years old. His father spent all his savings just to keep his son. In the long process of treatment, it was Frida who was in pain, and it was his father who was hiding in the dark and crying. At the age of eight, Frieda could hand over the names and uses of the strange therapeutic instruments around him. Finally, Frieda told his father that he didn’t want to endure the endless pain. Father tearfully agreed to Frieda’s euthanasia.

Children are the “angels” of the world. They should be happy when they are old. They are so sick that they can’t go on living. At last, they choose to give up themselves and the people who love them all the time. Is euthanasia good or bad. The living people always feel that no matter how they want to live, they can still meet when they are alive, so they don’t need to miss it too early. But the sick people, in the end, lie in the hospital bed, unable to do anything, can only silently experience the pain, slowly devour themselves, these unbearable pain, they are reluctant to love, but more hope is to end this endless day as soon as possible. What do you think about euthanasia?

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