Bali monkeys snatch tourists’ mobile phones. They have to trade food. Will monkeys evolve wisdom?

Human beings have become the overlord of the earth. In the whole nature, we are close relatives with other primates. Many people think that in the distant past, the forest ape has evolved, and humans, gorillas and monkeys have become very different species. Human beings use wisdom to create advanced civilization, while gorillas and monkeys still live primitive life. But in Bali, Indonesia, there are such a group of monkeys. When they see tourists, they not only rob tourists of their belongings, but also have to use food to get them back.

What did the monkey do?

Many people are surprised after seeing this phenomenon. Are monkeys still in the process of evolution? In the future, will monkeys evolve language and intelligence to replace human beings? After seeing this phenomenon, scientists also studied it. They found that after decades of study, monkeys living in Bali have mastered some economic principles. As this is a tourist resort, monkeys have also learned to rob tourists and ask for food. The monkey’s goal is the camera and mobile phone in the hands of tourists. If the food brought back by tourists does not conform to their wishes, then these monkeys will not see it at all. Unless tourists provide them with satisfactory food, they will return these belongings.

After seeing such a phenomenon, how can people be relieved? Scientists have been observing these monkeys since 2015. They found that the items the monkeys robbed were also high and low. In more than a year, scientists found that these monkeys carried out a total of 10847 snatches, including 107 snatches of accessories, 132 snatches of wallets and mobile phones.

Will monkeys evolve wisdom?

In addition, the scientists also found that the older the adult monkeys are, the higher their success rate is. Because the cubs have no concept of these items, they grab everything, resulting in a very low success rate. It’s hard to imagine that monkeys began to imitate human beings in the long-term contact with human beings, and they have derived signs of intelligent evolution.

Because monkeys are not born with wisdom, but through the acquired learning. So scientists also think that we need not worry too much. The evolution of wisdom is not always the result of species evolution. In the whole nature, only human beings have evolved wisdom, while monkeys still maintain their primitive way of life for millions of years, which means that they will not pose a threat to human beings.

But their learning ability is very strong, so there will be robbing tourists. Seeing this, we have to admire the power of life. Perhaps with the passage of time, in the future, many species will evolve more and more intelligent. Only when human beings live in harmony with nature, can nature become full of vitality. I don’t know what you think?

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