Because of global warming, Antarctic glaciers appear “new species”, scientists are happy and sad!

Because of global warming, Antarctic glaciers appear “new species”, scientists are happy and sad!

Human beings think that they already know enough about the earth, but what they really know is only the skin. There are still many areas on the earth that human beings have not yet set foot in, such as the towering mountains, the mysterious deep sea, and so on. Because of these inaccessible places, they are called mysterious. Take the Bermuda delta as an example. Airplanes and ships will always crash when they pass by here. The people’s disappearance for no reason casts a mysterious veil on it. So far, where have these missing people gone? It’s still an unknown number.

In addition, there are many secrets hidden in the core of the earth. In the view of many scientists, there is life inside the core of the earth, but human beings can not touch the deepest part of the core of the earth. In addition to these places, there is also a big mysterious area on the earth, that is, the north and south poles. The temperature of the north and south poles is too low all the year round, so few people live here, which is not suitable for human survival. Because of global warming, Antarctic glaciers appear “new species”, scientists are happy and sad!

Due to the melting of Antarctic glaciers, people redefine Antarctica

Scientists often observe the changes between the two poles. Originally, there are countless glaciers and permafrost layers in the north and south poles. However, due to global warming, both glaciers and permafrost layers show signs of melting. The environment has become worse and worse. What’s more incredible is that scientists have also found a mysterious creature. So what is it? After the glaciers in Antarctica melt, the sea is covered by glaciers all the year round, and oxygen is scarce, so the possibility of animals’ survival is too small. However, the emergence of this mysterious creature gives humans a new definition of Antarctica.

It is said that the size of this creature is similar to that of a shrimp, only 28cm, and there is no sign of life. At that time, scientists were very glad to find it. The creatures that can survive here can be seen to have extremely strong vitality. After in-depth understanding, scientists found something wrong. This year, the temperature in Antarctica is abnormally low, and there is no reason for it A lot of algae, the emergence of these organisms may not be a good thing. Scientists in the detection process, also found a large number of bacteria and viruses.

Scientists discover pathogens in new species

So far, it is impossible to confirm whether these bacteria are likely to be infected. If they are highly infectious, human beings will be in danger. It’s both happy and sad to be able to find this mysterious creature. There are different opinions about it. Some people think that environmental pollution causes these creatures to emerge in the Antarctic Ocean. Others think that biochemical experiments lead to the emergence of this mysterious creature. As for the reason, it’s unknown. Antarctica has always been the place of people’s heart, but now there are so many situations, and it has become beyond recognition that it has not been able to escape the clutches of human beings.

Not only that, the Antarctic environment is getting worse and worse. When many people visit Antarctica, they will leave a lot of garbage, which will accumulate into a kind of hill over time, causing more and more pollution to the Antarctic environment. Antarctica is no longer a pure land on earth, its existence is not so concerned, so everyone should pay attention to the protection of Antarctica, don’t let mother earth cry. What do you think of the sight of Antarctica? You can leave a message for interaction.

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