Because the orbit of Uranus has problems, Neptune’s face is finally exposed

As we all know, the ranking of the eight major planets in the solar system from near to far from the sun is: Mercury, Venus, earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune.

Do you know the story about Neptune? Neptune’s appearance is due to an accident, there is a tortuous but not moving story.

The discovery of Neptune

In December 1612, Galileo discovered Neptune for the first time and depicted it. A month later, in January 1613, he observed it again.

But because he observed Neptune close to Jupiter at that time, he left it in the retrograde position. Because the retrograde motion was very small, and the telescope equipment was not so clear at that time, he mistook Neptune for a star.

In 1821, buval published the orbit table of Uranus, and found that the position of its orbit was not right and the deviation was very large.

So at that time, some people speculated that there was a planet outside Uranus, and the gravity of this planet was affecting Uranus, so people began to try to find this planet.

In 1843, John Cauchy Adams calculated the orbit of the eighth planet that would affect Uranus, but he was also confused at that time.

Then in 1846, oben Le Vier, an astronomy teacher at the French Institute of technology, independently calculated the position of Neptune by using the perturbation of Uranus’s orbit with his love for astronomy, and then began to search for Neptune. The face of Neptune has just been revealed.

Neptune is the only planet discovered by mathematical prediction, not by planned observation.

Later, with the continuous development of science and technology, people found that Neptune was so different after observing with more advanced equipment.

Neptune is a huge gaseous planet. Its atmosphere is dominated by hydrogen and helium, with 85% hydrogen, 13% helium, 2% methane and a small amount of ammonia.

It’s not luminous, and we can see it because it reflects the sun’s light. It is because Neptune’s atmosphere contains methane, and methane has a strong absorption of the red and orange light of the sun, so the reflected light is left with the blue and purple part, so its surface will appear blue, very beautiful.

Because it is too far away from the sun, and it was 4.37 billion kilometers recently, its surface temperature is very low. The temperature of the cloud top is – 218 ℃, which can be said to be one of the coldest places in the solar system. However, some people call it “warm-hearted cold face”, because its core is very hot, and the temperature can reach 7000 ℃.

It’s not bright, it’s a dark and windy place, and there will be strong storms. According to scientists’ speculation, the wind speed can reach 2100 kilometers per hour, houses can be blown away on the earth, and the wind speed of a force 12 typhoon with surging waves is about 35 meters per second. By contrast, it’s really very powerful.

Understand the discovery process of Neptune, do you think its appearance is very tortuous! The real face of Neptune was discovered by scientists because there was something wrong with the orbit of Uranus.

What do you think of Neptune? Welcome to comment area.

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