“Beetle like unidentified object” appears over Mexico, with four legs, floating in the air!

Since the beginning of the last century, when human beings entered the universe for the first time, we realized our own insignificance, followed by a series of problems. Until now, there are still many mysteries waiting for human beings to solve. Human probes have been to many planets, where we have not found the existence of intelligent life. Is it true that no other star can give birth to intelligent life except the earth?


If there is no other extraterrestrial life in the universe, what should be the explanation for the frequent occurrence of UFOs over the earth? Some UFOs run so fast that they disappear in human vision in a few seconds. Some UFOs emit strange and dazzling light, accompanied by strange sounds. Although most of the UFOs are identified as human hype, there are still some UFO incidents that are difficult to explain scientifically. For example, the Roswell incident and the randolshen forest incident in history are still under discussion.


What’s going on over Mexico?


Some time ago, a strange shaped UFO appeared over Mexico, which once again attracted the attention of netizens. On December 3, a UFO appeared over Mexico City, Mexico. The UFO was like a huge beetle. It was black all over and remained motionless in the sky for a long time. Most of the UFOs are either triangular or disc-shaped, and this UFO has these four legs, which looks like a beetle. Many witnesses have seen this phenomenon, and they also think it’s very strange. Is it a human made aircraft or another kind of UFO?


In many UFO videos, we can always see that these UFOs are running very fast. They can soar into the sky and disappear in human vision in just a few seconds. However, the UFO in Mexico has been suspended in the air for a long time and moving too slowly. Therefore, scientists believe that this is not a natural phenomenon and is related to alien civilization It’s not very sexual. It’s probably a balloon made by human beings.


We can see all kinds of hydrogen balloons everywhere on the street. This is a reasonable guess, but some conspiracy theorists believe that this issue has nothing to do with human beings, but an alien flying saucer. They believe that the goal of extraterrestrial life is the earth, and they send all kinds of detectors to the earth every year to monitor our every move.


Unfortunately, none of us have actually seen aliens. Whether they exist is still unknown. Xiaobian thinks that this unknown object is likely to be a human product. I don’t know what you think of it?

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