Before human death, can we hear the call of relatives? Listen to those who have experienced it!

Before human death, can we hear the call of relatives? Listen to those who have experienced it!

Everyone’s life will come to an end one day, and death is the ultimate fate. In the face of death, many people are calm and calm, and many people are extremely afraid. Everyone’s life is only once, and if it is lost, it will be gone completely. Like some legendary reincarnation, there is no scientific basis at all. Some people look back on their lives and feel extremely proud, leaving a lot of precious wealth for future generations, while some people have left regrets and nothing to be proud of.

Since ancient times, many ancient emperors have been seeking the method of immortality. Unfortunately, immortality is the eternal law of nature. Even if there is a way to change life against heaven, the final result is extremely miserable. Scientists have been trying to find the end of life, so they changed the research object to people on the verge of death. Before human death, can we hear the call of relatives? Listen to those who have experienced it!

Many people’s feelings before death are different. Relevant studies have shown that some people are extremely afraid before dying and want to cry for help desperately. Unfortunately, their bodies are completely out of control and can’t get any response. Even people’s hearing, vision and smell will decline. This feeling is helpless and terrible. Before death, many people express their feelings through art or writing, which attracts many people’s attention.

At present, what scientists can understand is that people’s brain is conscious before death, but it can’t express it, and they can even hear a lot of sounds that have never been heard before, but they can’t perceive everything around them, and the neurons are gradually disappearing. Many people who are about to die will recall their life experiences in their minds. It sounds very incredible. At the same time, they can hear the call of death. No one can save them. Their own consciousness will gradually separate from the body, looking for support in the air.

Some scientists once proposed quantum mechanics, which shows that the soul belongs to human beings. Although the body no longer exists, it can find sustenance in another way. Of course, this way is not immortality, but continues to exist. Scientists also find it difficult to explain clearly that before death, the brain is conscious, and people around can hear what they say, that is, they are unable to say it. At present, the end of life is still a thought-provoking question. Why does life have an end? Can’t people live forever? It’s all about the laws of nature.

Everyone from the moment of falling to the ground, it means the beginning of life, just a few decades of life, everyone should cherish all the existing, rather than waste a lifetime, otherwise the last look back on their life, feel particularly boring, leaving all regret. We all know that life is precious. What do you think of the people who are on the verge of death? You can leave a message for interaction.

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