Before the collapse of the silver bridge in the United States, is it suspected that “moth man” appeared? How many people have seen it?

Many supernatural phenomena often occur on the earth, many of which are difficult to explain by science. Some directors have moved these supernatural phenomena to the screen. I don’t know if you’ve ever seen a movie called “the moth man”. In our opinion, the moth man is an unknown creature, and it doesn’t exist in the real world. In fact, this movie is adapted from the secret event of joyful town in 1996. Many people think that the moth man is actually a symbol of disaster. Are they real Now?

In the United States, the moth man, as an urban legend, has always been controversial. It can be regarded as one of the most mysterious creatures on earth. Many people claim to have seen the moth man. From their description, we can see that the moth man is too strange. It is tall, more than two meters tall, has no neck, and its head is directly connected with its chest. In front of its chest, there are two big red eyes and a pair of huge wings. Try to think of the night, if such a glowing unknown creatures appear in front of human beings, will we be afraid?

Silver Bridge

Collapse event

Speaking of the moth people, we have to mention the silver bridge collapse in 1967. The silver bridge in the United States suddenly broke, which directly led to the death of 46 people. Although some people think that this is just an ordinary traffic accident, some conspiracy theorists think that this incident is not so simple. One survivor claimed that when he drove to Yinqiao, he felt as if something big was going to happen. This strong feeling can not be ignored. He quickly drove down the bridge. Within seconds, the silver bridge collapsed in front of him. He also witnessed the disaster with his own eyes.

A symbol of disaster?

In addition, eyewitnesses claimed that they thought of an unidentified creature and a ray of light over the silver bridge a few days before the approach bridge collapsed. Many people think that this unknown creature is actually the legendary moth man, and its appearance is actually a symbol of disaster. Is there any basis for this? For a long time, the witnessing events about the moth people are more and more frequent. There are even claims that before the nuclear explosion in Chernobyl, there was an unknown creature hovering in the sky, and this unknown creature is the legendary moth man.

Scientists have made statistics. From 1966 to 1967, in just one year, hundreds of people witnessed the moth people. It is said that most of these people who saw the moth people collapsed, and some even died. Over the years, the United States has listed these events as confidential files, which is still an unsolved mystery.

Of course, we can treat the moth man as a legend of Chengdu. We don’t know whether the moth man really exists, but we don’t have to panic. Maybe in the future, we will be able to explain these unsolved mysteries. Have you heard the legend of the moth man?

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