Before the wrong direction, aliens are not so advanced, human is the master of the universe

Space seems endless, people are making unremitting exploration, through the continuous launch of various types of aircraft, hoping to make human vision more open. But even so, man cannot reach the limits of the universe. Since ancient times, human beings have been paying attention to everything that happens in space, especially the existence of aliens. Large radio telescopes have been developed to explore the vast space, and radar is used to receive cosmic signals from extraterrestrial.

Not only that, humans even launched Voyager 1, carrying a lot of human information, constantly promoting human civilization to space, hoping to get friendly feedback. But it’s a pity that the hope of human’s behavior is very slim, and it doesn’t get any feedback from alien life, just like a stone sinking into the sea.

Scientists are also disappointed. Until now, there is no reliable evidence to prove the existence of extraterrestrial life. Of course, it may also be that human science and technology civilization has not developed enough to let us fly out of the solar system. In addition, human life is also very limited, with the current speed of flight, it is difficult to fly freely in the interstellar.

However, human beings are still unwilling to use mathematical models and various astronomical formulas to study whether there really exists extraterrestrial life. In fact, the prerequisite for human exploration of aliens is that aliens already exist on a certain planet, and civilization has developed to the degree of information transmission with the earth. This view has its shortcomings.

Therefore, recently, British scholars published an authoritative article and put forward a new conjecture. In his view, human beings were born too early, alien talents were just born, or the civilization level has not reached such a high level, so we can not communicate with aliens and send out all kinds of signals to the vast universe. Just like the stone sinking into the sea, human beings are the higher level existence of aliens.

According to the article, this theory holds that our universe is still very young, and its birth is only 13.8 billion years old. Compared with the birth of the earth, life on earth is about 10 billion years later. This kind of time difference is very strange on the time line of the whole universe, which makes many scientists confused.

The earth was born 4.6 billion years ago, but after a long geological revolution, the earth has changed from a little boy to a “middle-aged man” today. The change of the earth’s surface and the stability of climate conditions also promoted the evolution and birth of organic matter. From organelle to individual, however, it has been more than one billion years. This process is much faster than the birth of the earth.

There are also doubts in this theory that it will take a long time for the earth to produce life, while it will take a long time for the earth where the universe was born. Judging by various factors, we can actually find that the birth of flower life on the earth at such an early time may be just a coincidence.

There are still many planets in the universe. They may be in the process of evolution. They are not as lucky as the earth. They may also have similar external conditions, but their evolution speed is normal. Life can not evolve as fast as the earth. Life was born later than the earth. In this way, their civilization will develop a little later than the human civilization on earth. Let’s just say that in the next billion years, alien life will be born, which is likely to be a vigorous explosion. At that time, humans may have been destroyed by the earth, or moved to other planets. Therefore, there will be no human participation in the possible star wars in the future.

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