Believe me, Apple’s hibernation habit is an advantage that no mobile phone has

When Apple mobile phones were popular in China, Xiaobian, like most “trendsetters”, bought Apple mobile phones. However, in the process of using apple mobile phones, in addition to many “artifact” can not be installed, the main thing is that Apple mobile phones are really sensitive to cold. I believe many people will have a similar experience with Xiaobian. In winter, when there is something urgent outside and I am anxious to make a phone call, I take out the phone and find that my mobile phone is “hibernating” again.

I believe many of my friends are like Xiaobian. One of the reasons for abandoning the pit is that Apple’s mobile phone is afraid of cold. But is this really a big disadvantage of Apple’s mobile phone?

In fact, for mobile phones, whether it is in too high temperature or too low temperature, it belongs to their “extreme environment”. In such an extreme environment, whether it is normal use or charging the mobile phone, it will have a great impact on the service life of the mobile phone. For example, once a battery would continue to charge after it was fully charged, which eventually led to a battery being charged and exploded.

I believe many netizens here should have understood why Apple’s mobile phone “hibernates”, just like the example of “the battery is charged and exploded” just given by Xiaobian. But now almost all mobile phones will automatically power off after the battery is full, so we don’t need to worry about similar situations any more.

What about Apple phones? Apple mobile phone has a self-protection system. When encountering extreme conditions of high temperature or low temperature, apple mobile phone will automatically turn off or even fail to charge. Although this may affect our normal life or work, it has to be said that this will greatly increase the service life of Apple mobile phone.

Although Apple has a self-protection system, can you accept such “hibernation”?


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