“Bigfoot” of the United States appears, with a body length of more than 2 meters, shuttling back and forth in the forest!

Is the rumor about Bigfoot true? Body length over 2 meters, appearance or similar to human!


Have you ever heard of lizards? It is said that its shape is no different from that of human beings, but it has many unique advantages, as if it has super power. Although there are many rumors about it in the industry, there is no final conclusion. Does it exist or not?


In addition, a strange thing happened in a park in the United States. Two eyewitnesses said that they saw a giant creature with their own eyes, which looked more like a human from its appearance. This rumor was quickly spread, and people began to guess that its biggest feature was feet, which was much larger than human beings. It was not too much to say that it was Bigfoot. According to the relevant description, it appeared covered with turf, so the local people called it Ohio grass man. There are so many mysteries in it that the scientific community attaches great importance to it. Is the rumor about Bigfoot true? Body length over 2 meters, appearance or similar to human!


Don wood’s first discovery of Bigfoot


There was once a man named Don wood who heard a strange sound in the forest. He guessed that it was made by the grass man of Ohio. When he looked closer, he found a Bigfoot with a height of two meters. After the news spread out, people talked about it and searched the forest on a large scale, but no clues were found. Experts speculated that it might be related to the local culture. The local people must believe in Bigfoot, but after so long, they can’t find its trace. Why on earth?


This can be traced back to a long time ago. Humans have always heard rumors about savages. Everyone has their own opinions. Perhaps Bigfoot doesn’t exist in a fixed place at all. It will wander back and forth between states. In the face of this unknown creature, people are more and more curious. When someone was in the State Park, he caught a startling scene. In the video, a human like creature appeared. Its shuttle speed was so fast that it could not capture its true appearance. Therefore, it was impossible to judge whether it was a human or other creature. Under such uncertain factors, the division of public opinion appeared.


Is Bigfoot real or not?


Many people firmly believe that Bigfoot is real, and collected its hair. As long as we can detect its DNA, we can confirm its close relationship with human beings. But many people are against it. Maybe Bigfoot is just a rumor, just for publicity. There is another possibility, is it an unknown human? It has the genes of modern people, but it doesn’t belong to humans.


Experts are carefully considering these problems. So far, they have not got any evidence about the real existence of Bigfoot. They can only hold a questioning attitude. No matter how many rumors there are, if they can’t get a scientific basis, they can’t easily come to a conclusion. Therefore, science is the standard to test the truth. There is no end in the way of science, and one day Bigfoot will be revealed Do you think Bigfoot really exists before the fact is confirmed? You can leave a message for interaction.

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