Billions of years ago, there might have been signs of life on the moon. Why did it disappear later?

The earth is one of the eight planets in the solar system, and the only intelligent civilization planet. For the birth of early life on the earth, the modern scientific view is that it may come from the impact of comets. In the early days of the birth of the earth, the solar system was extremely unstable. A large number of comets came from outside the solar system. Some comets hit the earth and brought water and various minerals to the earth. At the same time, they also brought the seeds of life.

The early solar system collision events are very frequent, the earth has encountered many kinds of small objects impact, the biggest impact is a Mars size object side impact on the earth, the impact of the material around the earth formed a planetary ring, finally these materials condensed to form the early moon, this is the origin of the Moon – from the earth big impact.

For the moon, it has been concerned by human since ancient times. People in ancient times had a lot of illusions about the moon. They thought that there was a Moon Palace on the moon and there were immortals living on it. The reason for this is that in ancient times, the moon was closer to the earth. Standing on the earth, you can clearly see some of the terrain on the moon, such as the crater. Maybe in ancient times, some of the natural terrain buildings on the moon, such as the crater, were not man-made buildings, so there are all kinds of myths and legends about the moon.

With the advent of the era of science and technology and the availability of observation equipment, we have a better understanding of the moon. At the same time, half a century ago, we landed on the moon for the first time. At this time, we have a more intuitive understanding of the moon, but also understand that the moon has no atmosphere, no breath of life, is a very barren planet.

At first, scientists knew that the moon was a wilderness. However, with the continuous exploration of the moon by the probe, it was found that the lunar soil was not dry, and that there was lunar water under its surface. Scientists once conducted impact tests on the moon by the probe, and found that the material produced after the impact contained rich water molecules, which indicated that there was water under the surface of the moon.

The discovery of water on the surface of the moon has made scientists begin to re understand the moon. Some scientists have put forward a guess: billions of years ago, there may have been signs of the birth of life on the moon, but later it disappeared for some reasons. Scientists believe that life on the moon may have been born between 3.5 and 4 billion years ago.

Why do scientists think that life might have been born on the moon at this time? To understand this problem, we need to have a preliminary understanding of the early solar system billions of years ago. We all know that the sun was born about 5 billion years ago. When the sun was born, the solar system was still in a nebulous state.

After the birth of the sun, it began to absorb the surrounding materials, constantly grow and form the present sun. After the birth of the sun, the eight planets also began to absorb the surrounding materials in different positions of the sun. At that time, the solar system was very chaotic. The chaos did not end until 4 billion years ago, which is the so-called chaotic period of the solar system.

After the chaotic period, the solar system has not been completely stabilized. At this time, celestial body impact events still occur frequently. The earth 4 billion years ago may not have water resources or life. At this time, a comet hit the earth, bringing water resources and seeds of life. Meanwhile, comets also hit the moon, bringing water resources and life seeds to the moon.

The newly formed moon is still very young, with frequent volcanic activities. At that time, the moon would eject a large amount of hot gas, including water gas. These gases may form liquid water and atmosphere on the surface of the moon. In addition, there is a layer of magnetic field on the surface of the moon. The magnetic field is like a hard protective shell, which can protect the life inside There will be threats.

The earliest life on earth is cyanobacteria. It was born in the ocean about 3.5 billion to 3.8 billion years ago, which is very close to the birth time of life on the moon. It is possible that when the life on earth was born, the moon also gave birth to simple life. They may have been hit by comets. Then why did life on the earth evolve and become more and more abundant, while life on the moon disappeared?

In fact, the reason is not complicated. The moon was able to give birth to life billions of years ago, mainly because the volcanic activity at that time made the surface temperature of the moon relatively high, which could support the existence of liquid water. Moreover, the original moon had a certain atmosphere, so the initial ecosystem was formed and the conditions for the birth of life were available.

But when the volcanic activity on the moon stops and gradually stabilizes, there is no heat eruption, the temperature on the surface of the moon is also decreasing, and the atmosphere of the moon also begins to disappear. The water on the surface of the moon gradually evaporates, there is no gas, and then there is no life. Of course, it’s only scientists’ guess that life was born in the early days of the moon.

To understand whether life was born on the moon in its early days, detailed studies of the moon’s rocks and soil are needed. Now, with the rapid development of human science and technology, a new round of exploration of the moon has begun. China’s chang’e-4 has successfully landed on the back of the moon, India’s lunar exploration spacecraft will soon arrive on the moon, and other aerospace powers are also planning to start the lunar landing.

In the future, the moon will be very busy. There will be not only a lunar resource exploitation base, but also a lunar city for people to live in. Many people will go to the moon to work, live and live, and the moon will become the first tourist planet after human beings go out of the earth. Ordinary people can also travel to the moon to experience the beauty of the earth from space and the moon.

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