Birds can soar in the sky. Is it possible that human beings can grow wings without stopping waving their hands?

Birds can soar in the sky. Is it possible that human beings can grow wings without stopping waving their hands?

A long time ago, many people envied the birds flying in the sky, eager to have a pair of wings and fly freely in the sky. In the long course of human evolution, despite the complete growth of organs, there has never been an evolution of wings that can fly. All this is human fantasy. Since the Wright brothers invented the plane, human beings can finally walk side by side with birds in the air through the plane, overlooking the ground from the high altitude, and have the feeling of seeing all the mountains. Only through these devices can we reach the sky we dream of.

Over the years, many people are still not satisfied with the status quo. After all, airplanes are a tool. How good it would be if human beings could grow wings in the future. Some people are puzzled. If a person keeps waving his hands every day, can he grow wings organically? In view of this problem, scientists have also had in-depth discussion. Once upon a time, a foreign woman made a bold experiment, and even implanted a pair of wings into her body. It is understood that this pair of wings cost a huge sum of money, and her purpose is to fly into the sky. Birds can soar in the sky. Is it possible that human beings can grow wings without stopping waving their hands?

However, in the process of flying, she didn’t succeed. Because her body lacks this structure, even if she keeps waving her wings, it still doesn’t have much effect. Many organs are born, such as birds. The reason why they can soar in the sky is that they have wings since they were born. Even if human beings now implant a pair of wings, it’s just a kind of decoration, on the contrary, it’s a gift Behavior brings great inconvenience, and eventually it can only be forced to tear down the wings. Besides, if a person grows wings, isn’t it too strange.

Lamarck once put forward a point of view, that is, use in advance, discard in retreat. The meaning is very simple. For example, if human hands are constantly used, they will become more flexible and powerful. If they are not used for a long time, they will gradually shrink and become useless. In reality, there are many such cases. For example, if a person has an accident and his legs are disabled, he can only sit in a wheelchair all the year round and can not get the corresponding activities every day, his muscles will atrophy and eventually become disabled. If you want to grow wings by waving your hands, it’s nonsense and impossible to become a reality.

At present, humans can not have the ability to fly. Even if one day humans can evolve wings, then humans will not be able to adapt to life on land. Scientists also put forward a bold guess that if there is a huge breakthrough in genetic transformation in human technology in the future and wings are implanted into the body and passed down from generation to generation, the super ability with wings may evolve. This is also an unrealistic idea. Maybe it will be billions of years before human beings have such super power.

At present, human beings can only walk on both legs, and it is almost impossible to grow wings to escape from the earth and fly to outer space. Everyone has a pursuit, but it should also be in line with the actual situation. We should not blindly follow and respect the laws of nature. Only in this way can nature treat human beings well. What do you think of this woman’s experiment? You can leave a message for interaction.

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