Bird’s mate selection standard is higher than people’s, “car and house” is just standard!

Marriage is a big event in one’s life, so we can’t be careless at all. It is the most important thing to choose your partner for a lifetime. I believe most girls are looking forward to love with bread. People who are looking forward to love always say that they would rather laugh on a bicycle than cry in a BMW. Otherwise, why don’t we smile happily in a BMW?

The standard of bird mate selection in animal kingdom is better than that of human! “Have a car and a house” is just a standard configuration. They have talent and appearance! Now let’s see how the birds choose their partner!

Just like those who don’t want to marry naked, some females will choose a mate based on whether the male can provide a good marriage room.

Located in Australia and New Guinea, the gardener is a close relative of Corvidae, living in rainforests, eucalyptus forests or shrubs. Most male gardeners will clear a space on the forest floor, weave a special “building” with branches, and decorate their “house” with snail shells, petals, leaves, beetle’s Coleoptera, parrot’s bright feathers and even plastic pieces.

Sexual gardeners will carefully examine the buildings carefully built and maintained by male gardeners, observe and select for a long time. If the female is satisfied with the building, she will lie down and shake her feathers and agree to mate with the male. You see, this is the choice of a house.

Although every male gardener strives to create a gorgeous “marriage room”, less than 10% of the male gardeners can mate with the female, and the remaining 90% of the male gardeners can’t even have a chance to mate in the whole mating season. So, the male bird can find another half, which is directly proportional to the fruits of his own labor. The more beautiful the house is, the easier it will get the favor of the female! You see, isn’t it very interesting!

Not all birds are as “handy” as gardeners and build “wedding houses” to please females. Some birds show their health and pedigree by showcasing their plumage to their females. However, feather display alone is often not enough. In order to win the favor of females, males need to pay more efforts. After the female chooses the band she is most satisfied with, the lead singer of the band signals her partner to leave, dances to the female alone, courtships, and then mates. For the rest of the best band, they will wait for the lead singer to die or disappear, so that they can take the place of the lead singer. Fortunately, the life span of the line tailed flycatcher can reach 15 years, which young people can afford, but there are not many males who can wait for the chance.

You see, if there is no skillful hand to make a house, then the talented and beautiful singing voice can also get the favor of female birds!

The females of both birds and other animals are by no means passive between the sexes. Whether to accept “naked marriage” or not, and how to criticize the male, behind these appearances, more important are the reproductive differences between the two sexes, as well as the female’s choice of male’s good genes and the game of parental investment.

So, choose the opposite sex that oneself think right, have certain reason! Single you, what are you waiting for? Work hard!

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