“Black square stele” appeared? Is it a masterpiece of aliens that metal pillars appear frequently and then disappear?

Now it’s 2021. I believe many people still remember the strange things that happened frequently in the second half of 2020. In November, a mysterious metal post appeared in a desert in Utah. The height of the metal post was about three meters. No one knew who put the metal post here, and no one knew what the metal post was for. Many netizens went to punch in one after another, but it mysteriously disappeared in a few days.


When people are puzzled about this metal pillar, similar metal pillars have appeared in many cities such as Europe and Australia. Many people can’t help thinking of science fiction movies after seeing such scenes. There was a black square stele in science fiction movies. At that time, the ancestors of human beings started the road of evolution because they touched the black square stele, which has been recognized by some people For example, do these metal pillars play the same role as the black square steles in the film? Is this a sign that aliens left on earth?


Who left the metal pillar?


The reason why they come to such a conclusion is not groundless. These metal pillars are relatively tall. If people want to place these metal pillars on the ground without being aware of them, it is difficult not to let people notice. Moreover, many metal pillars have been installed near residential areas, so many people should be able to notice this phenomenon. However, local people are also very confused about these metal pillars, so many UFO enthusiasts claim that these metal pillars must have nothing to do with human beings. It is very likely that they are left by aliens. Throughout the universe, maybe only aliens can do it That’s the point.


If we observe carefully, we will find that although the appearance of these metal casts is too similar, the raw materials are actually different. Some metals are made of iron, some metal columns are made of stainless steel, and even there are obvious welding marks on some metal columns. If these metals were really made by aliens, how could they leave such an obvious loophole?


Therefore, many people think that these mysterious metal pillars may be human pranks. Just a while ago, some artists came forward to claim that these metal pillars were created by themselves and claimed some of them. These artists claim that they hope to turn this phenomenon into a popular trend, which can bring joy to people in 2020.


Of course, these artists only claim part of the metal, and there are many metal pillars, which have not been claimed so far. So it is still controversial whether these metal pillars are human behavior or the handwriting of aliens. However, Xiaobian thinks that the possibility of human mischief is very large. Of course, it may also be a gimmick created by the scenic spot for the sake of heat. I don’t know what you think What do you see?

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