“Blue unidentified object” appeared in Hawaii, and white unidentified object appeared before falling into the sea!

Many people have witnessed UFOs, and on December 29, blue UFOs appeared over Hawaii. The UFO is shining blue in the dark sky, attracting many people’s attention. Many netizens have picked up their mobile phones to take photos. Even the local police have received many phone calls.


Unidentified objects over Hawaii


Some brave netizens chased along the path of the UFO. They found that the flying speed of the blue object was too fast. Many netizens chased for 5 kilometers and finally found that the UFO fell into the ocean. Until now, the identity of the UFO is still unknown. According to the photos and videos taken by netizens, we can see that a blue stick appeared in the dark sky. Although it finally fell into the ocean, before it fell, some netizens saw another white light appeared nearby. They drove along the direction of the blue unidentified object and disappeared when they crossed a mountain.


At first people suspected that maybe there was a local plane crash? However, the staff of the aviation authority claimed that there was no crash in the area at that time, and there was no case of the plane missing. So this UFO may have nothing to do with human beings. Many conspiracy theorists claim that this blue UFO is likely to be a spaceship piloted by aliens.


A netizen claimed that he was walking in the yard of his home when he suddenly found a blue light in the sky. At the beginning, he thought that he might be dazzled, so he called out his family. After a careful look, the family found that there were blue unidentified objects in the sky. They were very curious, so they prepared to drive to track it, but the flying object flew too fast and soon fell into the ocean.


Two UFOs?


At this time, they planned to call the police. When they looked up, they found that white UFOs appeared in the sky again. Although they were smaller than the blue ones, they moved in the same direction. Until now, the government has not been able to judge the two UFOs, but netizens think that the incident may not be so simple. In recent years, with the development of science and technology, aliens are no longer strange to us, but until today, no one can really see aliens, UFO news is more and more, which also casts a mysterious color on the existence of aliens.


Strictly speaking, most of the UFOs are not real. Many UFOs are actually human aircraft or company made UAVs. At some time, some natural phenomena will occur in the air, which may make people mistake them for UFOs. So when we see these news, we must also improve our ability to distinguish what these two unidentified objects are. Let’s wait for the answer from the Hawaiian authorities.

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