Blue whales eat 200 million tons of krill every year. How does it survive?

Blue whales eat 200 million tons of krill every year. How does it survive?

If you want to say that the dominator of the ocean is the whale. The whale has the ability of quick reaction and precise killing power. Once the prey is locked, it can hit at one stroke. It is very comfortable living in the ocean, the general marine life dare not confront it, see it retreat. It is precisely because there are many hidden crises in the ocean that human beings dare not easily set foot in the ocean and only use some marine equipment to observe the ocean.

Why didn’t krill die out when it was eaten so hard?

There was once a documentary about blue whale, which introduced its staple food, krill. According to the description, a blue whale eats 4 tons of food every day, and krill accounts for more than half of it. This has aroused people’s doubt. Since a blue whale has to eat so many lobsters, and so many blue whales in the ocean have to eat thousands of tons of krill every day, why hasn’t krill been extinct? It is reasonable to say that after such a long time, these krill have been eaten up by blue whales, but there are still countless krill in the ocean. What makes them survive so far? Blue whales eat 200 million tons of krill every year. How does it survive?

Krill belongs to a kind of marine organisms, small in size, less powerful, belonging to zooplankton, widely distributed. Because of its small size, it is generally ignored. Although it has little effect, it is the basis of marine ecological chain. Due to the large number of zooplankton in the ocean, krill do not need to walk a long distance when foraging, and mostly hover between the bottom and the sea. It has a lot of natural enemies, not only the blue whale, who will see it as food fishing, there are other fish.

Living area and physical characteristics of krill

It has a wide range of distribution and many gathering places. According to the investigation of scientists, there are tens of thousands of krill per cubic meter, so we have to praise the breeding speed of krill. It is a social animal, which has no self-defense weapons, and the swimming speed is very slow. It often increases the chance of escape through the dense population. It is not only the food of marine organisms, but also the favorite food of human beings One of the foods.

In places with developed fisheries, fishermen can catch 150000 ~ 200000 tons of krill every year. It tastes delicious. When it is sold, its shell will be peeled off. Because the shell has fluoride and contains certain toxicity, eating it will cause diarrhea. Every year, countless krill will be eliminated, but they are not extinct. They are one of the most important creatures in the ocean and maintain the whole sea Ocean ecological chain, I have to admire the greatness of krill. It is the cornerstone of the biological chain. Without it, many organisms will go extinct. It has become the staple food of many animals, and also makes the whole ecological chain sustainable.

However, it’s not a good thing for people to fish heavily nowadays. The existence of krill is not for people to enjoy delicious food. The problem of marine pollution is becoming more and more serious. If this problem leads to the extinction of krill, the whole ecological chain will be completely ended, and many organisms need to eat a lot of krill. At present, the environment of the large animals that feed on krill is not optimistic. The main threat is human beings. Do you think there are other reasons for the extinction of krill? You can leave a message for interaction.

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