Bombers that have disappeared for 50 years, discovered over Mars? Do wormholes really exist?

Why did the bombers disappear for 50 years? Maybe wormholes really exist!

Wormhole is one of Einstein’s many theories. In a word, wormhole is a tunnel in the universe, which can twist space and enter different spacetime. If we want to reach the wormhole through science and technology, it will take us tens of thousands of years.

Shuyi Ji is an ancient book in the Southern Dynasty. The book talks about a firewood chopping farmer named Wang Zhi. He saw two old men playing chess when he came down the mountain after cutting firewood, so he put down his axe and watched. But when the two old men finished playing chess, he was ready to put away his things. When he came home, he suddenly found that the sharp axes had been rusted, and the ice floes had rotten. When he got home, the people in his family had disappeared, and no one in his hometown knew him. He asked some old people in his hometown. He said his business was hundreds of years ago. This kind of strange thing was explained by experts that it may be that it entered a wormhole of the earth by mistake and entered another space-time. If wormholes really exist, do you want to go back to the past through time and space?

Wormholes will make us imagine. If wormholes really exist, it will make our life more wonderful. Does the activity really exist? But so far, scientists can not prove the fact that it exists, but there is no way to prove that it does not exist.

Four bombers were mysteriously missing during World War II, but they were surprised to appear over Mars 50 years later. It’s tempting to believe that wormholes exist. It happened that five bombers took off from Florida and went to the Atlantic Ocean. It’s a mass disappearance through the Bermuda Triangle. The Bermuda Triangle is very strange in history. There are many ships and planes have disappeared here, no clues can be found.

In this way, the five bombers were mysteriously missing. But in 1995, 50 years later, the astronomer of the United States, Kevin Rudin, released a shocking news to the world. He found the five bombers that were missing 50 years ago. But only four of the five bombers were found. Look through the telescope. They’re only a few kilometers away from Mars, and they’re flying in an orderly and orderly way. They’re flying forward like someone’s controlling the flight. And he also used the computer, clearly photographed their flight process, you can clearly see the signs on the plane. According to the calculation of time and distance, their flight speed is as high as 40000 km / h. Now the bombers can reach 25000km / h at most. This kind of phenomenon especially believes in impulse and exists.

If my impulse really exists, it is a good opportunity for human beings to explore more secrets of the universe through wormholes.

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