Bowhead whale can sing 184 “whale songs”. It is a jazz singer in the ocean

71% of the earth is the ocean, and the species in the ocean are very rich. The larger category in the ocean is naturally whales. Different species of whales have different sizes. It is the overlord of the ocean, but in recent years, with the killing of whales by human beings, some whale species have faced the risk of extinction.

Many whales can “sing”. This strange call made by cetaceans is known as “whale song”. Scientists say that there are many similarities between cetaceans and jazz musicians. A three-year study found that bowhead whales living in the Arctic Ocean can “sing” 184 “whale songs”.

Bowhead whale is a very beautiful type of whale. It has a huge arched skull and the largest mouth in the animal kingdom. Its whiskers are 3 meters long and its body is about 15 to 20 meters long. It is a very large type of whale, and its weight can reach 100 tons. Bowhead whales are considered to have a long life span of more than 200 years.

Bowhead whales are very hardy animals. In such a cold area as the Arctic Ocean, bowhead whales can survive very well, and often break the ice into the sea to breathe. Their strength is really great. They mainly prey on krill and other plankton.

Bowhead whale calls are like music. They are very characteristic and pleasant to listen to. One of the whales is famous for singing. It’s humpback whales. The songs of each male group have a common melody. Humpback whales’ songs are like ancient music, which is memorable. The music of bowhead whales is different from humpback whales. It’s more like jazz, with freedom in its voice. Bowhead whales are also very talented music creators. The sounds of other whales are often monotonous, just that one.

Bowhead whale’s music is different. The types of songs are different every year, and new tracks are created every quarter. Scientists studied a group of more than 200 bowhead whales near Spitsbergen island in Norway. “We were surprised that bowhead whales sang very loud, 24 hours a day, from November to April. And they sing a lot, a lot of different tracks, “Dr. Stafford said.

What is the meaning of bowhead whale’s singing? What is the meaning of this different music creation? Scientists have not been able to understand it. It may have something to do with attracting heterosexual objects or defending territory, or its complex expression.

Human beings are also a kind of animals, only advanced intelligent animals. Human beings have their own language, so do animals. Human language zoology can’t, and animal language can’t, either. Human beings can decipher part of the language by observing the behavior of animals, but only a few of them. Most of the animal language is unknown to human beings. Animal calls, songs and calls are actually communicating with their peers.

Maybe one day, human beings can master animal language and communicate with animals. Maybe scientists will develop an animal language translation machine, through which human can communicate with different animals, which plays a great role in human governance of nature and understanding more secrets of nature. Animals are the largest group on earth. If humans can make friends with animals and communicate with them, animals will feed back a lot of Secrets of the earth to humans, and even find some ancient relics and so on, which will be very easy.

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