Brazil found that the tunnel 13000 years ago was not built by human beings. Did prehistoric civilization appear?

What was the earth like before the advent of mankind? Was there any intelligent life at that time? These problems are still the focus of scientific research. In the course of scientists’ exploration, traces of prehistoric civilization are also suspected. Scientists once found several mysterious tunnels in Brazil. After inspection, they found that these tunnels have a history of 13000 years.

Mysterious tunnel

The length of these tunnels is 10 meters, and the height is up to two meters. When scientists continue to explore, they find that there are thousands of these tunnels. If they are built by human beings, then the engineering quantity is too large. However, after analyzing, they find that these tunnels appear in 13, Were these tunnels really built by prehistoric people 2000 years ago?

These tunnels are buried in caves. The earliest appearance of these caves can be traced back to the 1930s, when scientists were working in the rainforest. After they found these tunnels, they thought they might be the tunnels dug by ancient humans. But what’s the use of these tunnels? Is it just for shelter? That’s a bit too big. At that time, the discovery of these caves caused a heated discussion and was widely reported by the news media. Many people thought that this might be the evidence of the existence of prehistoric civilization, and perhaps the tunnels connected the inner earth.

Who built the tunnel?

At that time, many people believed that these mysterious tunnels were built by prehistoric civilization. If people at that time really mastered the construction technology, why did they suddenly disappear? With the development of science and technology, in 2010, a Brazilian scientist came here to explore the truth after hearing about it. When the scientist came to the cave, there was indeed an illusion of ancient human excavation, but the longer he stayed in the cave, he found something unusual. These tunnels were not formed naturally, and there were obvious excavation very close, but if you carefully observe these excavation traces, it seems that they were not left by human beings.

Scientists found that these excavation traces seem to be left by three clawed animals, similar to the farm tools used by humans to dig the land. Did humans have invented this kind of farm tools at that time? Since they did not find any traces left by the buildings, they speculated that this was not the work of prehistoric life, but the work of indolence living in South America.

These lazy people lived in the ice age more than 10000 years ago. At that time, the temperature here was very cold. Maybe they dug out such caves to have a warm winter. The scientists also found that the marks in these caves almost match their claw marks. So the probability of the existence of prehistoric civilization is very low. I don’t know what you think?

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