Brazil’s “red eye alien” incident, three girls see unknown creatures, is this true?

Although aliens are too far away from us, the probability of UFOs is too high. Many people think that UFOs are alien spaceships. There are also many people in history who have witnessed and communicated with aliens. There was a UFO crash in Brazil in 1996, and many local residents claimed to have seen aliens.

Runaway aliens?

In 1996, a UFO appeared over Brazil. The UFO was as big as three cars. The UFO fell from the sky and crashed into a farm, making a big hole in the ground. Many witnesses claimed that there were many aliens on the UFO, but two of them escaped. Since then, the residents of this small town have claimed that they have seen aliens from time to time. However, when the police arrived at the scene after receiving the report, they found that aliens did not exist at all. The aliens mentioned by these witnesses were just some wild animals.

On the second day, the appearance of three girls changed the course of things. It was raining heavily at that time, and the three girls went home together. In the process of walking, they found a figure curled up in the corner of the wall. When they boldly walked over, they found that the figure curled up was not a human, but an unknown creature with a pair of blood eyes. There are three protrusions on the head of this unknown creature, the skin of the whole body is brown, and the body also sends out a pungent smell. The three girls immediately think of the escaped alien and run away.

Official interpretation

When the police investigated, the three girls said that the unknown creature seemed to be injured, and the red light in her eyes was flickering. It didn’t end here, and soon witnesses claimed to have seen the monster in the secret ward of the hospital. Conspiracy theorists claim that perhaps this unknown creature will become the object of the experiment for research. The incident was too big at that time, and the local people were also terrified. In the evening, they did not dare to go out alone. In order to stabilize people’s minds, the authorities claimed that the alien they saw was just a disabled man.

Due to the heavy rain that day, the disabled man’s whole body was wet with soil, so he was mistaken for an alien. Some people do not accept the official statement. If the three girls really see a man, even if they are disabled, how can they get wet alone?

This incident has been going on for many years, and we can’t verify it any more. However, there are still many people arguing about it. Now the three girls have lived an ordinary life. Whether they were aliens or a prank at that time, they have to draw a full stop. I don’t know what you think?

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