Brazil’s sky seems to fall, Europe appears thousands of years ago, the Maya prophecy took effect?

Many people think that 2020 is extraordinary and should be recorded in history. After seeing this year’s natural disasters, many people also think of some predictions. Some time ago, the satellite captured such a picture. It seems that the sky over Brazil is about to fall down. Many people are worried after seeing this picture. Is 2020 really a harbinger of the end of the world? Is the Mayan prophecy going to take effect?

Scenes over Brazil

This picture is taken by Chinese satellite over Brazil. A big storm spread all over Rio de Janeiro. Before the storm came, people in Rio de Janeiro were playing on the beach, and it was still a sunny scene. But it didn’t take long for the sky to be covered by huge dark clouds. The sky was still clear in the first second, and the next second was black clouds pressing down on the city. Where did people see such a phenomenon and panic? Some people took out their mobile phones and photographed this picture for people to see It’s like the doomsday scene in a movie.

Fortunately, this strange phenomenon did not last long, and the sky was clear again. Although this phenomenon disappeared, there are still many people whose hearts have not been let down. Is 2020 really a harbinger of the end of the world? Scientists have also explained this phenomenon. They think that the end of the world is completely illusory. This is actually a storm cloud. The probability of this weather phenomenon is very low. Therefore, people will be able to understand that after seeing this phenomenon, it will be associated with the end of the world.

What’s going on over Europe?

In fact, there are often some phenomena that can not be explained by science in the sky. Apart from the storm clouds in Brazil, I wonder if anyone can remember the mirage over Europe. Although it is said to be a mirage, scientists have always been skeptical. As we all know, mirages can find real scenery on the earth. However, the mirage over Europe shows the images of Vikings thousands of years ago. At that time, the Viking tribes were fighting, and the soldiers were holding weapons and swords. It was not spectacular.

This mirage also attracted thousands of people to witness, but at that time, the level of science and technology was still very backward. People at that time thought that it was just an ordinary weather phenomenon. However, the appearance of human beings thousands of years ago in the sky of today’s world was itself a controversial thing, and some even thought that it was another manifestation of a parallel world.

Decades have passed since this incident, and we have no way to verify it. In the past 10 years, our scientific cause has developed by leaps and bounds, but there are still many controversial phenomena in nature that cannot be explained by science. What do you think of these two incidents? Does parallel world really exist?

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