Breaking through these three technologies, human beings may be able to cross, but Hawking warned human beings not to try!

Hawking doesn’t suggest humans try three ways to travel through time and space. Why?

In many ancient dramas, the plot of crossing often appears. Everyone fantasizes that he can cross, and crossing is a super ability. Facing the field of unknown things, people will always arouse their curiosity. People who have lived in the real world for a long time always feel that today’s life is too boring and lacks some fun. So when you dream at night, you will have all kinds of dreams. These dreams are generated due to people’s psychological needs. If you miss someone very much or want to get something, it can be realized in dreams. But dreams are dreams after all, and they can’t become reality.

The importance of wormhole to crossing

Einstein put forward the concept of wormhole before his death, and as time goes by, wormhole has become a common topic. Scientists are trying their best to find wormholes, but it’s a pity that so long time has passed without success, which makes people have to doubt the authenticity of wormholes. In Einstein’s cognition, if human beings can find wormholes, they can realize Star Trek, which is like a bridge between time and space. Hawking doesn’t suggest humans try three ways to travel through time and space. Why?

In addition to wormholes, scientists have also proposed several ways to travel through them. For example, the speed of light is generally recognized as the fastest speed in the universe. At present, human technology is limited. It is very difficult to surpass the speed of light. We can only approach the speed of light without limit. For example, when a spaceship is moving, people in the cabin will feel that time passes very slowly. Theoretically speaking, it is very difficult to realize this operation unless a time machine is developed.

Gravitational waves have something to do with crossing

Not only that, when many people watch science fiction movies, they often see spaceships that can be driven at will, crossing into the past and the future. In fact, spaceships are related to gravitational waves. Gravitational waves are also proposed by Einstein. They are called ripples of space-time. In the case of relative space-time, gravitational waves can be well displayed, and finally crossing can be realized. So far, gravitational wave has made a great breakthrough, but it is a pity that human beings have not been able to shuttle back and forth in the universe.

Now, with the advent of human body freezing technology, people always feel fear when facing death. Therefore, some people try to put human body into hibernation temporarily by freezing, and then thaw it for a period of time, which may be able to extend life. Now this experiment is not mature, and there are still great limitations. Moreover, it is impossible to achieve the goal of resurrection from death. Generally speaking, crossing is a very mysterious thing. Even if it can be easily realized in the future, it will involve a series of chain reactions. We can’t change history, we can only let it go.

If human beings have the ability to go through the past and return to the age of dinosaurs, they may encounter more dangers. If they go through the future and see what will happen in the future, and what direction the earth is going to develop, they can’t be changed. So it’s better to think about it. Although it has advantages, it also has many disadvantages. It has violated the theory of time and space. No wonder it has been so long No one has ever really succeeded. What’s your understanding of crossing? You can leave a message for interaction.

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