Britain secretly created 155 human animal hybrid embryos, causing global panic

In 2010, Hollywood released a movie called hybrid. The film tells the story of two scientists who ignore human ethics and cultivate a strange looking female monster by fusing human and animal genes, which eventually leads to tragedy.

This monster has a strange look, a pair of huge eyes, a long tail and thin arms, and it can also make bird calls and walk like a rodent.

Xiaobian thought that this kind of thing was just a scene in the movie, but unexpectedly, someone turned it into reality.

It is understood that since the UK promulgated the human fertilization and Embryology Act in 2008, hybrid embryos have become legal.

Since then, a number of laboratories in the UK have been secretly experimenting with human animal hybrid embryos in the past few years, and 155 human animal hybrid embryos have been produced. When the news came out, people were in a panic.

But the media said that the purpose of developing this drug is to find effective treatments for incurable diseases.

The vast majority of scientists in the world still think that this kind of research is against ethics. However, many medical experts believe that this experiment has a bright future. My friends, what do you think of this?

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