British scientists found a “brain”, 2600 years ago, still has “activity”!

All things in nature can not escape the fate of death. For human beings, the brain dominates all life activities. If the brain loses its activity, then life will only die out. With the development of medical treatment, we realize the importance of the brain, even if the human heart stops beating, the brain still works. Just before that, a brain was unearthed in England, which is more than 2600 years ago and still keeps its activity. What’s the matter?

The brain 2600 years ago

This is what scientists found in a small village in hesrington, England. There is a historical site in this village. After scientists excavated this site, they found it 2600 years ago. And in a pool somewhere, scientists accidentally found a strange shape object, which is yellow all over, and has clear folds and lines, which looks very similar to the human brain. Is this brain really human? What happened to the owner of this brain?

When scientists identified the brain, they found that it really came from the human body. To their surprise, the brain is not from modern humans, but from 2600 years ago. In our cognition, no matter what material, after thousands of years of exposure, it will gradually decompose and eventually disappear. However, this brain is very intact and remains active except for some atrophy. This discovery shocked scientists. Generally speaking, there are only bones left in the brain thousands of years ago, but there are still visible folds. What’s the secret of this brain?

The secret of the brain

Scientists re examined the brain in detail, and finally found that there are a lot of proteins in the brain, and there are more than 800 kinds of proteins. Maybe it is because these proteins combine with each other that the natural decomposition speed is slowed down. Because this skull was found in water, it provided a suitable environment for the brain in the cold and anoxic environment, so the brain could be preserved for a long time.

This brain has now been properly collected in the UK. If human beings can completely crack the secret of this brain, it will play an important role in the study of Alzheimer’s disease. This brain is the legendary hesrington brain.

In this way, the vitality is infinite, and the human body still has a lot of Secrets waiting for human to solve. With the rapid development of science and technology, in the future, our research on the brain will be more and more in-depth, and human may really become the overlord of the universe. I don’t know what you think?

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