Build a 9.9-level warp speed engine, and you can escape the solar system in two hours. Why are scientists still lost?

Build a 9.9-level warp speed engine, and you can escape the solar system in two hours. Why are scientists still lost?

Scientists tell us in a broad sense that the radius of the solar system is about one light year. Hearing this data, many people’s first reaction is that the solar system is not big. Even if we calculate it carefully, the distance of one light year is beyond imagination. One light year refers to the distance that light travels in a vacuum for one year. For example, if a person drives at a speed of 300 kilometers per hour for one light year, it will take at least 3.6 million years, provided that human beings want to build faster vehicles.

The fastest aircraft in human history is the Parker solar probe, which has a speed of 195 kilometers per second. If it can keep this speed, it will only take 1538 years to fly out of the solar system. In the vast universe, one light year is nothing at all. For human beings, one light year may be a distance that can never be reached, and we may not be able to reach it in our limited life by taking a light speed spaceship. Build a 9.9-level warp speed engine, and you can escape the solar system in two hours. Why are scientists still lost?

How can we make the fastest speed in the universe?

The speed of light is generally recognized as the fastest speed in the universe. Unless human beings can fly faster than the speed of light, they will not be able to conquer the sea of stars. Human beings have worked hard for such a long time, but they have been poured a basin of cold water by reality. The physical laws are limited. No matter how the spaceship accelerates, it is impossible to reach the speed of light, and they can only approach without limit, let alone surpass the speed of light. Einstein had a unique view of time and space in his life. In his view, time and space can be distorted. If we have the ability to compress space, the spacecraft will be able to reach all areas.

It is worth noting that in the process of spaceship flight, space is in a static state. Space takes the spaceship forward continuously, and it can accelerate infinitely without violating the laws of physics. This propulsion system is called a warp speed engine, which only appears in science fiction. It is difficult to reform with the existing technology. Einstein clearly pointed out that as long as the space is distorted enough, the speed of the spacecraft will be greatly improved, so the researchers divided the warp engine into different levels, and the higher the level, the faster the speed.

What happens when you build a 9.9 warp speed engine?

If human beings can reach the level 9.9 warp speed engine, it will only take 2.87 hours to fly out of the solar system, which is an amazing number. However, after careful consideration, a sense of loss suddenly hit. Because the life span of human beings is very limited, it’s easy to cross the solar system. If you want to fly to Andromeda galaxy, it will take at least 832 years. For such a long time, human beings have exceeded the limit life span of human beings. Human beings can’t get rid of so many constraints, so scientists are so lost.

There is another reason. The universe is so vast that we can’t break through this distance gap. Only when human beings really master more advanced technology, can we break through these problems. This technology is much more difficult than imagined, and today’s human beings can’t do it. Do you think this kind of theoretical warp speed engine can be made? You can leave a message for interaction.

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