Bulgarian prophet, who predicted world events, also predicted 2021!

In the eyes of many people, 2020 is a very extraordinary year. Various natural disasters this year have worn out human patience, and many people have thought of the prediction of the prophet. Although some prophets are deceptive, Russia’s Mars boy and India’s Anand have a large number of followers. Although there are some differences in their predictions, they all refer to 2020.

Mars boy prophecy


We are very familiar with the Martian boy. At the age of only 8, he once said amazing words. He claimed that he was not from the earth, but from the distant Mars. In the process of talking with people, what he said was very professional, just like a professional scientist. With the growing reputation of Mars boy, some media asked him to make predictions about the earth. He predicted that there would be three disasters on the earth. These three disasters are not global, but they are all related to water. Sure enough, the tsunami caused by the earthquake in Japan, the floods in Thailand and the super hurricane in the United States have all been verified.

Mars boy also mentioned the future of 2020. He predicted that there would be a global disaster in 2020. This disaster will not end human civilization. It is because there will be a protective god born on the earth this year, who will appear in the west of China. He also claimed that 2020 is not an end, but a beginning. In 2050, there will be another global disaster on the earth, and that will be the biggest test for mankind. There have been many prophets in history, and the Martians are just one of the most famous. In fact, in addition to the Martian boy, there is a prophet in Bulgaria. Her name is babawanga, also known as mother-in-law.






She has predicted many world events, which have come true one by one. So has she ever predicted the future of the earth? The answer is inevitable. She predicted that in 1776, the earth would no longer exist. Before that, human beings had already found another livable planet and realized interstellar migration. In the eyes of many people, there is no scientific basis for the prediction, but scientists have made statistics. Babawanga’s prediction accuracy rate is as high as 80%. Now that 2020 is coming to an end, some people have turned out her prediction of 2021. Is there any basis for this?


According to foreign media reports on December 23, her prediction is not optimistic. The natural disasters in 2020 have already tormented people, but 2021 does not seem to give mankind a chance to breathe. By 2021, there may be more disasters on the earth, or even change the fate of mankind. So many people are also worried. Is 2021 not as good as this year?

In addition, 80000 families also claim that in the future, human beings will master the method of treating cancer, but Xiaobian thinks that we should treat these predictions dialectically. The prophecies of these prophets are not written down, and they are just handed down from mouth to mouth. Therefore, it is impossible to determine the truth of these words. If they are used by some people with ulterior motives, the gain will not be worth the loss.


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