Bullet holes were found in dinosaur fossils and in Neanderthal skulls. Who fired the gun?

Although dinosaurs have appeared on the earth for a long time, it was only in the 19th century that humans discovered the existence of dinosaurs. Our understanding of dinosaurs is also through fossils. Dinosaurs are still distant creatures for us. Dinosaurs used to dominate the earth for more than 100 million years. If it wasn’t for the fall of an asteroid, maybe humans would have an intersection with dinosaurs.


Bullet holes in dinosaur fossils


In the age of dinosaurs, our ancestors still lived the primitive life of ancient apes. This proves that there was no intelligent life in the hundreds of millions of years when dinosaurs ruled the earth. However, according to the archaeological results of scientists, when they studied a dinosaur fossil, they found a bullet hole in the skull of a dinosaur. The size of the bullet hole is 1.5mm, which gives people the feeling that it is like hitting a dinosaur with a pistol. This discovery has aroused the curiosity of scientists. At that time, human beings had not yet fully evolved. How could bullet be a modern product? Who actually shot the dinosaurs at that time?


Until now, the bullet hole is still an unsolved mystery. In addition, when scientists studied Neanderthals, they also found a sub bullet case in their bones. Seeing this, many people have doubts. At that time, there was no intelligent life on the earth. Is it true that time and space travel? Is it true that some modern people have gone through the future and fired this shot at dinosaurs?


Is time travel feasible?


In the eyes of the scientific community, it is possible for human beings to travel through time and space. If we can find the legendary wormhole, then we can. In fact, in addition to dinosaur and Neanderthal fossils, there are many unsolved mysteries in the process of the earth’s development, and these unsolved mysteries also seem to point to space-time walkers. Scientists once found a female remains on Altay Mountain. After analysis, it was found that the female remains are 15000 years old. However, it is strange that the woman was wearing a pair of sports shoes.


In addition, there is an old photo in the Museum of Canada. This photo was taken in the 1940s. It is strange that a person in the photo is wearing modern clothes and holding a camera. Such a modern dress seems out of place with the people around it, which is also considered as one of the evidences to prove the existence of passers-by. After identification, experts found that there was no synthetic trace in this photo, which is still an unsolved mystery.


When we turn on the Internet, we can also see a lot of traversers. Although some of them are deceptive, there are still some events that are difficult to explain scientifically. With the current scientific and technological means of human beings, it is very difficult to solve these unsolved mysteries. What do you think? Does anyone really cross into the past?

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