Butterfly Effect: why is good rewarded

Buddhism emphasizes retribution and the cycle of good and evil; the belief of ideology has maintained the rule of China for thousands of years. After the arrival of the new century, due to the impact of western culture and the awakening of self-consciousness, modern people seem to have no longer believe in the so-called cause and effect. They only pursue visible rights and money, and their moral bottom line has been refreshed again and again. Today, what Xiao Bian wants to tell his friends is that “good is rewarded with good” is a real existence, a scientific butterfly effect rather than superstitious words.


I believe most people have seen the butterfly effect. Even if they haven’t seen it, they can understand what the butterfly effect means. The power of the butterfly effect lies in the fact that a trivial matter can change the world, which is one of the main arguments that good is rewarded with good. If you observe carefully, you will find that there are many examples around you.

A seed of kindness that you accidentally planted will eventually grow into a towering tree in the future. In ancient times, there were many examples of making a living, and now there are countless such things. I believe that every friend has experienced such a thing, Xiaobian is also the same, clearly just a little effort, but in exchange for some unexpected harvest. Kindness needs to come from the heart, because only true kindness can harvest the joy of the heart.


Scientists have never stopped the scientific research on the reward for good. According to the joint research of gardff University and the University of Texas, when people have good intentions, the human body will secrete a large number of neurotransmitters that make cells healthy, enhance the activity of immune cells, and make people healthier and less likely to get sick. A magazine in the United States has published a similar article called “bad mood produces toxin”, which is contrary to the above research direction on benevolence, but the conclusion is the same, forming a sharp contrast.


Good and evil never only exist in the belief; the treasure left by the ancestors can never be submerged by the material desire of the real society. People should not see its value only after it is confirmed by science. May the world be full of love.

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This article is the original work of Gao Ze, the author of Jiujian


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