By 2779, will humans end up like dinosaurs? In fact, we are all wrong!

Will humans disappear 2779 years ago? The essence of disappearance is different. It is the rebirth of another meaning!

Human beings are the only intelligent life on earth. Compared with other animals and plants, human beings are so noble, because they have a unique brain, produce consciousness and wisdom, and create products with their hands. With the help of science and technology, human civilization has become more and more mature. In the stage of the exploration of the universe, we have a preliminary understanding of it. With the deepening of this understanding, human beings gradually find a cruel reality that any kind of life is difficult to continue for a long time and will eventually come to an end. This is an eternal law in nature.

In the earth’s 4.6 billion years of history, countless biological races have been born. Some of them are lucky enough to survive, while others are very unfortunate, unable to resist the changes of the environment, and finally go extinct. The most impressive thing is the fifth mass extinction, that is, the dinosaur extinction event 6500 years ago, which shocked the whole world. Will humans disappear 2779 years ago? The essence of disappearance is different. It is the rebirth of another meaning!

Can human beings get rid of the fate of disappearance?

The theory of meteorite impact is generally accepted by the world. Most people think that the extinction of dinosaurs is not so simple. It is the sudden impact of an asteroid that causes great changes in the earth’s environment and causes a chain reaction. The balance of the ecosystem is destroyed. Fortunately, dinosaurs are extinct. Otherwise, there can be no human beings today. Since dinosaurs are so huge that they are on the road of no return, it is not human beings Can we get rid of the fate of disappearance? At the beginning, many people think that human beings belong to intelligent life and form advanced civilization, which is essentially different from dinosaurs. Human beings will never disappear. Is this really the case?

There was once an astrophysicist who boldly predicted the future of human beings with the mathematical formula of Copernicus principle, and made relevant remarks. In his article, he clearly pointed out that we should pay special attention to it in 2779, which may lead to the disappearance of human beings. Why did he say such bold words? Many people think that he is talking nonsense without any factual basis. In fact, he made this big prediction through rigorous mathematical reasoning. Will humans disappear in 2779?

How will human beings disappear?

In his view, human beings may disappear at that stage, but the mode of disappearance is quite different from that of dinosaur extinction, because when human beings reach a certain stage of development, they will have the ability of active selection. Today’s mankind has entered the era of science and technology. In the future, it will continue to move forward in this direction, bringing good to human life. At the same time, it also causes a series of problems. The environment is getting worse, the global temperature is rising on average, and the earth’s environment is on the verge of collapse. Human beings have realized the seriousness of the problem and are trying to make up for it. The earth has been damaged too seriously.

If we want to improve and develop science and technology, we need to use fossil energy, overexploit energy or destroy the balance of nature, and extreme weather will sweep us. It is estimated that millions of species will be extinct in the near future. Many areas are no longer suitable for human habitation, and human beings can only be forced to migrate. By 2779, human consciousness may have already been transferred to another sense At that time, human beings are not necessarily ordinary human beings, but another kind of intelligent life. The speculation of this physicist is highly controversial in the industry. What do you think human beings will face in 2779? You can leave a message for interaction.

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