Can 30000 nuclear bombs destroy a black hole? That’s what scientists say

At present, the most powerful weapon known on earth is the nuclear bomb. The nuclear bomb was first developed by the United States during World War II. At that time, World War II was still going on. The United States took Japan as the test object of nuclear bomb and directly dropped two atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The great power of nuclear bomb made people all over the world see the horror of nuclear bomb.

After the end of World War II, all countries in the world began to actively develop this kind of strategic deterrent weapon. Up to now, there are more than 30000 nuclear bombs in the world. If these nuclear bombs are released and exploded together, the life on earth will be killed. So now the nuclear powers are gradually reducing nuclear bombs.

The power of nuclear bombs is so great that someone raised the question: if 30000 nuclear bombs are put together, can they blow up a black hole?

Before destroying the black hole, let’s do a small experiment. The moon’s diameter is one fourth of the earth’s, and its mass is one eightieth of the Earth’s. It’s such a small planet. With the current power of human nuclear bombs, you can’t destroy the moon if you put all these 30000 into the moon and detonate them.

What if you put it in a black hole? It is estimated that the black hole can not be destroyed, because the black hole has no specific material, it is a vacuum, you can not see the material, no matter, how do you let the nuclear bomb destroy. The only way to destroy a black hole is to encounter a black hole with a larger mass and devour it.

Nuclear bomb may be the ultimate weapon on earth, but in the civilization of the universe, it may be just a kind of ordinary weapon. In the early advanced civilization of the universe, it may also be a kind of nuclear bomb, but later it was found that it was too polluting and not environmentally friendly, so it gave up nuclear bomb. In the civilization of the universe, the ion run and neutron run may be the mainstream, and even higher level civilization may have gravity cannons, gravity cannons, black hole cannons, etc., each of which makes us afraid. It can destroy a warship, or a star, or even a galaxy.

The earth is just a grain of dust in the universe, and the competition between civilizations will be very cruel. Although human beings have not yet discovered alien civilization, it does not mean that the universe is an intelligent life of human beings. Once they come into contact with alien civilization in the future, if the strength of the earth is not strong, it is difficult to say whether alien civilization will invade. Interstellar civilization also depends on strength.

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