Can a 9-year-old girl in Japan remember her experience before she was born?

Memory is the most precious thing in human life. As time goes on, we can’t remember all the things that happened, only a few scattered fuzzy fragments are the most important. I don’t know if you’ve ever heard of the term intrauterine memory. In Japan, there is a gynecologist named ikekawa Ming. Because of his work, he often comes into contact with newborns. In his career, he has experienced such a strange thing.

Intrauterine memory

In a certain interview, he found that a 4-year-old boy even remembered the scene of himself in his mother’s womb. She told the doctor that she was immersed in water and often played with a rope. This discovery aroused ikekawa’s great interest. So he put a lot of effort on the study of intrauterine memory. Since 2000, he spent more than two years visiting More than 3600 pairs of mothers and children have been studied. It is found that 30% of the children have intrauterine memory. These children remember it most clearly when they are three years old. As they grow older, they gradually forget it after they are six years old. He believes that these studies have a great impact on human projects, so he filmed them as documentaries in 2016.

For this documentary, there is a little girl that has to be mentioned. This little girl is also a heroine in the documentary. Her name is Xiaorong, and she is only 9 years old. The difference between her and other children is that she not only has the memory of the fetus, but also remembers the memory of her previous life, so she wrote a book for this.

When many people hear the memory of the past life, they think that it is just a bridge in a movie, a play or a novel. There is no past life in the world. But in the long history of the development of human civilization, there are still many unsolved mysteries waiting for human exploration, and we can not completely believe that the memory of the past life does not exist.

Like the 9-year-old girl mentioned in the documentary, what she said and some of her behaviors are really worth studying. I don’t want to elaborate too much here. If you are interested, you can also search online. After all, there are many fragments, which are really incredible. If, as Xiao pansy said, the memory of previous life is real, does that mean that sentence has come true? Is it really metaphysics at the end of science?

In addition to this 9-year-old girl, there is also a village in Hunan, China. Most of the people in the village remember the past life and can tell the details. In fact, many scientists have not come up with a reason for their research, so science is not omnipotent. Although some things are unreasonable, since they exist, they must have their value. I don’t know what people think of the past life What do you think of memory?

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