Can a bullet break through the earth when it accelerates to the speed of light? Scientist: it’s much more than that

According to Einstein’s theory of relativity, theoretically, the speed can reach or even exceed the speed of light. But with our current human technology, the word “speed of light” is still very far away.

Some netizens put forward a hypothesis: if a bullet is accelerated to the speed of light, can it break through the earth? I have to say that this problem is very deep. We know that if an object wants to reach a higher speed, the greater the kinetic energy given to it, and the greater the mass of the object, the more energy it needs.

The energy required for human fighter planes to take off is huge, and it also needs huge energy to reach the speed of sound or even several times the speed of sound in the air. Although the bullet is small in mass and volume, the energy required to accelerate it to the speed of light is a huge number. So once a bullet reaches the speed of light, can it break through the earth.

When one object strikes another at a high speed, the mass and volume are closely related. Someone once struck glass with a steel needle at a high speed. The glass suddenly has a small hole, but the glass doesn’t break. However, if a large iron block strikes the glass at the same speed, the glass will break to pieces.

Some people say that meteorites from outer space strike the earth very fast, but they will bring devastating disaster to the earth. If the meteorite hits the earth at the speed of light, it is estimated that the earth will be blasted directly. This is mainly due to the large size of meteorites. If a meteorite like a needle hits the earth at the speed of light, will the earth be blasted? The answer is no, it will only make a hole in the earth.

Naturally, bullets are the same. Some people may be unconvinced that if a bullet accelerates to the speed of light and penetrates the earth, it will cause great disaster. If it doesn’t work well, the earth will be blown up. But I’m afraid that’s not the case. The volume and mass of bullets are very small. Even if the bullet is hit at the speed of light, although there will be disaster on the earth, it is definitely not a devastating disaster. It may be a hole in the earth, There will be a small explosion.

Human beings once thought of a kind of outer space strike weapon: space weapon. In fact, a big iron bar is installed on an armed satellite in outer space, and then it strikes the earth through a high-speed fall from space. This kind of weapon is a physical attack mode with great power. But its volume is still not small, but if a needle like rod from space to the earth impact, there will be no huge disaster.

In any case, any object with the speed of light to impact, there will be disaster, we see some science fiction movies and novels, their speed of light flight or super speed of light flight, not everywhere can start, we must find a safe place in the universe, the ball is absolutely can’t start the speed of light flight, otherwise it will run to the inside of the planet, straight If there are too many meteorites around in the universe, we can’t start the speed of light. The principle is the same. Once we hit these meteorites, we will be finished.

Although some scientists believe that the speed of light is impossible to achieve, the maximum speed of an object can only be infinitely close to the speed of light, but cannot reach or exceed it. Other views are one-sided. Science is to make the impossible possible. If the speed of spaceship can’t reach or surpass the speed of light, it’s a dream for human beings to explore the universe, and never want to reach the stars. If you want to explore and discover in the universe, or even immigrate in the future, the speed of light is the most basic. Even if the speed reaches the speed of light, you still can’t get to most parts of the universe.

There must be innumerable alien civilizations in the universe. Their science and technology are strong and weak. Some of the powerful alien civilizations can travel and explore everywhere in the universe. Then their spaceships should at least reach the speed of light, and even can fly faster than light. The speed of light flight is still an incomprehensible existence for human beings, but I believe that one day, scientists will be able to find the truth leading to the speed of light. In the future, human spaceships can also explore the mysterious universe at the speed of light or even beyond the speed of light.

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