Can ancient women’s palace sand really test virginity? The answer was unexpected

According to China blog, feeding gecko with cinnabar makes its body red. Gecko ate 3 Jin cinnabar, smashed gecko, applied to the girl. This color will not fade, only when the girl is no longer a virgin, the body’s Scarlet will fade.

Later, ancient doctors also recorded that when guarding the palace and appreciating the fence, Zhu was fed, weighing more than three jin, and was taken off at the time of handover. So it’s called Shougong. The palace guard here refers to gecko


And then the question arises, is this really effective? Is shougongsha really effective?

To be sure, gongweisha did not test the function of women’s chastity, nor was it applied in the practice of various dynasties. However, it is said that in some dynasties, women who were elected to the palace would put gongweisha on their arms.

However, there are no official records, most of which are recorded in unofficial history and novels, and their credibility is not high.

From a scientific point of view, this method is ineffective, because the hormone levels, chemicals and body structure of virgins do not change after marriage.

Even blood tests can’t detect the difference between the two, let alone geckos fed with cinnabar.

In addition, cinnabar is poisonous. Cinnabar is composed of mercuric sulfide, mixed with realgar and asphaltene. If gecko takes cinnabar for a long time, it will lead to gecko death. Even if it does not die, gecko will not become red, so Gongsha’s view is pure fiction.

Palace Guard

Although there are no palace guards, there are “palace guards”. Palace Guard refers to gecko, gecko is a lizard, because it often appears on beams and walls, with the meaning of palace guard, so it is called “palace guard”. One of them has a red body, just like taking cinnabar.

In fact, these pigments in the palace are natural. There are a lot of pigment cells in their bodies, which can be divided into many kinds: red pigment cells, white pigment cells, blue pigment cells and so on.

Different guard palaces have different pigment cells, so guard palaces have many different colors, Red Guard palaces is one of them.

In addition, leopard guard palaces are very popular with humans, and many people regard them as pets. In the wild, leopard palace may be only yellow and black, but the artificially bred varieties are red and white.

The pigment cells that guard palaces are not only found in them, but also in some birds, amphibians and insects, such as the red Crested Ibis.

Whether it is the red palace or the cinnabar red palace, the virginity of girls can not be found.

Maybe the word “guarding the palace” is used to guard the palace, while red guarding the palace is relatively rare, so they are used to test chastity.

In fact, it was a bad habit under the feudal dynasty, a means of oppressing women, or more accurately, a reflection of women’s status in ancient times

In fact, it is not only the sand of the palace, but also the moral archway, the three commandments and four virtues.

Ancient feudal dynasties put women’s chastity in the first place, but never treated men’s chastity as a moral quality. This kind of bad habit is a shackle imposed on women by the patriarchal society and has no scientific basis.

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