Can black hole energy be used by alien civilization? The theory, which has been puzzling for half a century, has been proved recently

In 1964, Soviet astronomer Nikolay Kardashev conceived the level of alien civilization, which was divided by mastering different energy control technologies. Among them, the three-level cosmic civilization, also known as the star civilization, can easily control the galaxy where it is located, can also develop and use all the energy in the galaxy at will, and can even absorb the energy needed by its own civilization from the existing black holes in the universe.

In the universe, one of about 1000 stars will become a black hole after extinction. As far as our galaxy is concerned, there are at least 100 billion stars, which means that there are about 100 million stellar mass black holes. If alien civilizations exist, and they have reached the third level of cosmic civilization, then in the eyes of these advanced intelligent life, black holes will be a very good available energy.

They can easily “extract” black hole accretion disk radiation by “artificial means”. Moreover, the super alien civilization may focus on building “energy station” around the black hole, forming the radiation energy chain of the black hole. The energy network formed by the black hole as the energy center can connect to many alien worlds, just like the scene in the science fiction movie genesis.

In 1969, the famous British physicist Roger Penrose proposed that energy can be generated by dropping an object on the outer layer of the event horizon of a black hole.

After that, many scientists wanted to confirm this theory, and wanted to know whether the alien civilization could use black holes as energy. Half a century later, they all failed. Now, scientists at the University of Glasgow in the UK have confirmed that.

A scientific team from the school of physics and astronomy at the University of Glasgow, led by Marion cromb, used a bit of lateral thinking to test the effect in the laboratory by distorting the sound with a much lower frequency source.

The researchers built a system that uses a small ring of speakers to produce acoustic distortions similar to those of light waves proposed by zerdovich.

These acoustic waves are aligned to a rotating absorber made of foam discs. At the same time, the microphone behind the disk measures the frequency and amplitude of sound wave after passing through the rotating disk with faster and faster speed to see if the Doppler effect of rotation is consistent with Penrose and zerdovich’s theory.

CROM believes that most people are familiar with the Doppler effect, that is, when an ambulance comes in front of them, the sound is thinner than before; when the car leaves, the pitch of the sound is stronger than before. The reason for the subtle change of sound is that the frequency of sound waves reaching the listener is higher when the ambulance approaches, and then lower when the ambulance passes.

Although the Doppler effect of rotation occurs only in a circular space, it is also similar. When measured from the angle of the rotating surface, the distorted sound wave will change its tone. If the surface rotates fast enough, then the sound frequency does something very strange. It can change from a positive frequency to a negative frequency and steal some energy from the rotation of the surface.

CROM said that what they heard during the experiment was very special. With the increase of rotation speed, the frequency of sound wave is being shifted to zero by Doppler. When the sound starts to pick up again, it is because the sound wave has shifted from a positive frequency to a negative frequency. These negative waves can get part of the energy from the rotating foam tray, and become more loud in the process.

Although scientists previously believed that this phenomenon is beyond the scope of human engineering detection, researchers have used sound waves to experiment with this phenomenon. This is a major breakthrough in human technology. I believe that in the near future, we can solve more mysteries of the universe.

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