Can CT cause cancer? American Journal: special research, 29000 people suffer from cancer due to CT scan every year in the United States

The view of American consumer report

American consumer report is one of the most popular magazines in the United States. It once disclosed that many people suffer from cancer due to radiation from CT scanning, and gave specific data. In the United States, an average of 29000 people suffer from cancer every year because of radiation from CT scanning. Before the news was published, they set up a special research group to carry out various types of analysis. What’s the point What are the results of these studies?

When a viewpoint is put forward, we first need to see whether the object of this viewpoint is worthy of people’s belief. In my opinion, this research report is not popular science or formal. After all, there are two reasons. The first reason is that this magazine is not an official organization, and it has no strong medical background. At the same time, they are only a magazine published by a consumer Union It has already been published, so it can’t be compared with the lancet in terms of authority. The second reason is that the qualification of the researchers in this research is still uncertain. At the same time, the research means and methods can’t stand careful scrutiny. There are also some very specific details that haven’t been disclosed too much on the website. Therefore, according to them, this is only a research report, and its authenticity remains to be discussed.

But this also throws a question to people, does the radiation from CT really cause cancer?

Is radiation a good thing or a bad thing?

① Are electromagnetic waves emitted by all things?

According to Wikipedia, everything with a temperature higher than absolute zero will emit electromagnetic waves, which is called radiation. According to Newton’s third law of heat, absolute zero cannot be naturally generated on the earth. Therefore, we can know that all things in the world emit radiation, that is, all things in the world have electromagnetic waves, of course, human computers and mobile phones And so on, everything radiates.

② Radiation is not completely invisible

Radiation is a kind of light band, so it cannot be seen. After all, the naked eye can only see part of the electromagnetic spectrum, not all. Therefore, a lot of radiation is invisible to human beings, although it is real. For example, the radiation emitted by human body belongs to red light. If we use a special infrared observation instrument to check, we can see that human beings are continuously luminous.

Of course, it is unnecessary to talk about radiation discoloration. After all, all things in the world emit radiation. So which radiation is harmful and which is harmless?

③ Types and differences of radiation

There are two kinds of radiation: ionizing radiation and non ionizing radiation. What’s the difference between them?

In fact, the biggest difference between the two is the amount of energy. After all, the harm of ionizing radiation to the human body is obvious to all, but the energy of non ionizing radiation is much smaller.

Ionizing radiation in the human body will ionize with DNA in the body and damage the structure of DNA at the same time. Therefore, double stranded DNA will have problems. That’s how human cancer comes from.

Talking about toxicity without dose is playing hooligans

① On the toxicity of ionizing radiation

Can ionizing radiation cause death? In fact, this is not the case. For example, ionizing radiation can exist in the air and bananas. In fact, ionizing radiation can also exist in cities. However, humans have not been seriously injured by bananas. Therefore, a small amount of ionizing radiation will not cause great harm to humans.

In other words, human beings can not eliminate ionizing radiation, but to talk about toxicity without dose is to play rogue. This theory can be used in the discussion of radiation harm to human body. According to the International Commission on radiological protection, many scientific studies have actually given safety standards for ionizing radiation, such as head CT, chest CT and abdominal CT. The highest radiation is 10 mSv. Its unit is Seaver.

② Threshold of risk

And every time

More than 100 mSv per exposure will increase the risk of cancer by 4.8%. If less than 100 mSv, there is no risk for human beings.

According to the above information, even if a person completes all CT projects in one day, the accumulated radiation is only 50 mSv, far below the maximum value of 100 mSv, so it is very safe below this threshold.

It can be seen from this that the so-called US consumer report claims that the radiation from shooting CT will make people suffer from cancer. In fact, it is a rumor.

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