Can different species combine? Female scientists in order to find the answer, the initiative “dedicated” gorilla!

Man has been born for millions of years. For a long time, scientists have been arguing about the origin of human beings. At present, Darwin’s theory of evolution is generally accepted that the ancestor of human is Australopithecus.

It also suggests that humans are related to apes. Do humans and apes have offspring? What kind of life does the combination of different species produce? All of these questions make scientists think deeply.

Scientific research shows that the genetic similarity between humans and orangutans has reached 96%, so many scientists believe that different species can combine to break the reproductive isolation.

A female scientist was also very curious about whether humans and apes would have offspring, so the female scientist had a bold idea and decided to “sacrifice” the gorilla.

She used scientific methods to combine her eggs with gorilla sperm. After experimental research, she finally failed. As a result, gorillas cannot integrate with humans.

The combination of different species cannot breed life. Even if life has been conceived, physical defects will inevitably appear.

Mule is the best example. Mule is the result of mating between horse and donkey. Although horse and donkey are different species and their combination produces life, the body structure of mule is defective. Mule has no reproductive capacity. This is the defect of combination of different species.

Therefore, in this issue, human technology is not mature, human can not change biological genes, so there are still great risks in the combination of different species.

However, the female scientist’s personal experiments have to be admirable. What do you think of this? Welcome to leave a message in the comments area.

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