Can female astronauts be pregnant in space? After listening to the expert’s explanation, I understand

With the continuous deepening of human exploration of the universe, although at present we mainly observe the universe through astronomical telescopes, we need more astronauts to live and work in space in the future, but space is dangerous, super radiation, gravity free environment energy, astronauts are a challenge.

Astronauts naturally have men and women, some netizens asked a very interesting question: Can female astronauts be pregnant in space environment? I have to say that the question raised by this netizen is really cutting-edge. It’s estimated that most people can’t answer it. We’d better listen to the experts.

The main risks faced by human beings in space are radiation and low gravity environment. After living in the environment of the earth for a long time, they suddenly go to space. It is estimated that it is deceptive to say that they are adapting. Radiation in space can affect the quantity and quality of a man’s sperm, and it can also damage the fetus. Not only in space, but also on earth, radiation has an impact on the fetus, so once a woman is pregnant, doctors will advise her mother to stay away from the computer, mobile phone and other radiation sources.

The radiation at such a point on the earth may affect the fetus. The radiation in space is tens of thousands of times stronger than that on the earth. Do you think the fetus can resist it? There’s enough radiation in space to stop the fetus’s cells from replicating, and pregnancy ends.

In addition to radiation, the low gravity environment in space has a huge impact on the human body. Under low gravity, human muscles will atrophy and bone density will drop. Therefore, astronauts can not stay in the space environment for too long. After a period of time, they must return to the earth to recuperate. It may take at least a few years to recuperate on earth. The job of cosmonaut is not easy. But in order to explore the universe and reveal the mystery of the universe, astronauts have paid more.

It turns out that if human beings are to reproduce successfully in space, the problem of low gravity environment may be more difficult to overcome. Low gravity life affects many body systems, including muscle development and vision. If human beings want to achieve pregnancy in space, the first thing to solve is the low gravity environment. Without the same gravity environment as the earth, pregnancy in space can not be achieved.

The space enthusiasts with big brain holes estimated that the alien spaceship could do this. Let’s infer that if human beings want to survive in space for a long time and realize interstellar navigation, the gravity system must be solved. Otherwise, how can human beings make long-distance voyage? Once the voyage in the universe starts, they may have to live in the spacecraft for a lifetime.

Some UFOs discovered by human beings in space are likely to be alien spaceships. If these spaceships can navigate freely in the universe, the problem of gravity must have been solved, and the radiation protection of cosmic rays is also very good. But the earth’s current science and technology can’t do this. First of all, it’s the material problem. All the materials of the alien spaceship are certainly not the ones that the earth now knows, and the anti radiation ability of the spaceship made of metal materials on the earth is not very strong, so it’s necessary to develop a new type of spaceship materials.

The problem of gravity must be solved. There must be a gravity system imitating the earth’s environment in the spaceship, so that the health of the body will not be affected if you stay in the spaceship for a long time. Now the artificial gravity system has been studied by various countries, and I believe it will be realized in the future.

I believe that by solving the problems of radiation and gravity in the space environment, female pilots can be pregnant in space. At present, there are no successful cases of pregnancy in space, but this is something that must be done in the future. Once human beings leave the earth and migrate to the alien environment, they must reproduce if they want to develop, so that human beings can walk all over the galaxy.

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