Can global warming be saved? Chinese scientists “quilt” glaciers, the results are surprising!

Since mankind entered the industrial age, global warming has become a headache for scientists. Although many countries have formulated relevant policies to slow down global warming, the results are very limited. In such a big situation, the landforms in every corner of the world will be affected by the climate, the temperature of the north and south poles will break the high temperature record, and many high-altitude mountains will also be greatly affected.

In order to face the increasingly serious greenhouse effect, many scientists also put forward their own views. If we want to really control global warming, we must solve the greenhouse gas emissions from the source. Scientists from all over the world are rubbing their hands in the hope of contributing to global warming. Many other scientists have even taken direct action to stop glaciers from melting. In August this year, Chinese scientists came to Dagu glacier, located in the Qinghai Tibet Plateau. They conducted a large-scale outdoor experiment and selected a glacier of 500 square meters. They tried to lay a “quilt” on these glaciers, and then judged whether artificial means could work through the experimental results.

The results of scientists’ experiments

Some time ago, scientists have published the results of this experiment. It has been proved that the method of covering the glacier with a quilt is very effective. Because of the barrier of the quilt, the melting speed of the glacier is also obviously weakening. A lot of people will have a question. What is the quilt made by scientists? Why can we slow down the rate of glacier melting? Since mankind started the industrial revolution, 2019 is also the second hot year since mankind entered the industrial age. Under such an environmental situation, the global glaciers are also facing a severe situation. In fact, since 1960, glaciers around the world have begun to melt. By 1985, the melting speed began to accelerate, and now the global glaciers have reached the critical danger The situation.

I believe many people still remember the news that the last ice shelf in Canada collapsed some time ago, and the collapse of this ancient ice shelf also sounded an alarm for scientists. If human beings no longer pay attention to the speed of glacier melting, then when the glaciers disappear completely and the earth’s sea level continues to rise, the fate of human beings may be submerged. In view of such a grim situation, many countries also hope to create high-tech technology to slow down the melting of glaciers, so Chinese scientists have come up with the idea of covering the quilt.

Maybe many young children have not seen this phenomenon. When refrigerators are not widely used, what should we do if we want to eat an ice cream in hot summer? We can often see ice cream vendors on the street. They will cover the box with a thick quilt, which can keep the ice cream warm. When we were very young, we didn’t understand this situation. Ice cream is ice. If we cover it with quilt, it will melt? But this is not the case. The ice cream does melt, but because of the heat preservation effect of the quilt, the melting speed is significantly reduced.

The function of quilt

In fact, this is the insulation effect of the quilt. Many people like to stay in bed in winter. If you cover it with a thick quilt, you can feel very warm. The human body is generating heat, and the quilt has the insulation effect, so the temperature in the quilt is high. The experiments carried out by Chinese scientists are based on this principle. Of course, the quilts used by scientists are not ordinary materials, but are made of synthetic fibers. This kind of synthetic fiber can not only play an excellent thermal insulation effect, but also block ultraviolet radiation, which is widely used in outdoor.

In August this year, Chinese scientists covered the glacier with this special quilt. After several months of experiments, we can see that the effect is still very obvious. This special quilt can not only prevent the loss of heat, but also allow most of the sunlight to reflect out, thus reducing the absorption of heat. If this experimental result can be popularized, it is also a good measure for global warming. Of course, this is only an auxiliary means. If we want to really control global warming, we still need to solve the problem of greenhouse gas emissions from the source.

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