Can Hawking’s exhortation to leave the earth come true? Just look at the breakthrough project

“I’m Steve Hawking. I firmly believe that human beings need to leave the earth and build their homes on another planet. If they stay, they will face the threat of extinction. The cause of extinction may be asteroid impact on the earth, or new virus, climate change, nuclear war or the counter attack of artificial intelligence.”

What if the earth is cold? How do we find a second earth? How do we find alien civilization?

The famous late physicist Steve Hawking once put forward a bold idea in 2016——

Breakthrough astrometer


As soon as the plan was put forward, it shocked the whole world because of its boldness and avant-garde. Although many business giants are optimistic, doubts are still rising. Let’s learn about the breakthrough star shooting plan.

Our target is the nearest star in the solar system, Alpha Centauri, also known as the nearby star, 4.2 light-years away from earth, the prototype of the science fiction “three bodies” galaxy, which flows to the end of the earth.

Break through the star shooting program

It is said that there are planets in the habitable zone. Although the possibility of life is very low, the significance of exploring galaxies outside the solar system is far higher than whether we can find other civilizations.

In the next few decades, we need to build a laser array in the Atacama desert West of the Andes, which is the driest place in the world, where we can see the clearest stars in the world.

Next, we launch a rocket carrying 1000 Star Trek probes. These probes are different because they are driven by light. They only weigh one gram. Their core sensor is only the size of a stamp, but they are integrated with all the devices of their predecessor Voyager, or even more.

When the laser array is activated, these detectors will be sped from rest to 20% of the speed of light in a few minutes, 60000 kilometers per second.

When the detector reaches its destination, the sensor will send the visual image and scientific data back to the earth through radio waves. Although most of the universe is in vacuum, even the tiny dust particles will bring fatal damage to the detectors moving at high speed, which is one of the reasons why we launch 1000 detectors.

Voyager 1’s current speed is 17 kilometers per second. It has been 42 years since Voyager 1 left the earth. Our probe can catch up with Voyager in only four days. This is only 20% of the speed of light, 60000 kilometers per second. As I said, we are more than 4 light-years away from the neighboring star, so our aircraft can reach the destination at least 20 kilometers away.

However, it will take another four years for the radio signals from our detectors to be transmitted back to the earth. That is to say, we have to wait at least 24 years before we can see the world clearly.

In Hawking’s posthumous breakthrough star shooting project, there are many advanced technologies, even science fiction. Maybe we haven’t been able to achieve them in just a few decades. The fact that the photodetector weighs only one gram and integrates so many sensors is a bit inconceivable in terms of current technology.

Moreover, there is no way to slow down the launched detector, which means that the detector will pass or hit the nearby star at the speed of 60000 kilometers per second, leaving too little time for the detector to take photos and collect scientific data.

Of course, there are still many doubts about breaking through the star shooting plan. Some people think that it’s still a hype by commercial giants. We sincerely hope that human science and technology can make a leap forward in the future.

Do you have any ideas about breakthrough star? Welcome to comment area.

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