Can human appetite be affected by color? Compare different colors of food, instantly understand!

Can human appetite be affected by color? Compare different colors of food, instantly understand!

With the improvement of science and technology, people’s living conditions are gradually improving. From the diet and living habits, we can see that many new things have emerged. People will enjoy it more and more. They will pay attention to daily food, steak and so on. Everyone can choose according to their own taste characteristics. There are more and more kinds of food to provide people with more choices and nutrition.

On this basis, in order to pursue a better taste and experience, many dark dishes also appear. Some people think that colorful drinks are added with pigment, which makes people want to eat more and more. After a period of time, people found that a lot of food not only does not cause people’s appetite, but also affects their eating. Although it is shameful to waste food, many foods do not have the desire to eat. Can human appetite be affected by color? Compare different colors of food, instantly understand!

Scientists have found through relevant research that the color of food can really affect people’s demand for food, many blue food is not so popular. In order to pursue freshness, many manufacturers have introduced blue cola. Some time ago, some netizens made chicken wings with blue cola. They found that such chicken wings are hard to swallow. The color of ordinary Cola is similar to soy sauce. The chicken wings made with blue Cola make people have more appetite. This kind of blue chicken wings can’t be eaten at all.

In the 1970s, some scientists did this kind of similar experiment, put the colorful dark food under different lighting effects, let it have the color of normal food, and asked people to use it, and did not show any discomfort. When the light was turned off, after seeing the color of these food, people felt nauseous instantly and lost appetite for a long time It can be seen that the color of food will seriously affect people’s appetite.

In people’s inherent cognition, the original color of many things is just like that. If you suddenly change the color, it will feel particularly novel at the beginning, and it will make people feel disgusted for a period of time. With the rapid development of food processing industry, people can easily change the color of food. This situation should also cause enough attention, blue food will make people feel calm, but also inhibit appetite.

Nowadays, the number of blue species in nature is extremely rare, and studies have shown that red and yellow can stimulate the brain and enhance appetite. Blue is the opposite of them, so we rarely see blue food on the table, which has seriously affected people’s eating. Only when there are colors that stimulate appetite, can they be widely used. These cool colors are rarely used It’s on the table. I didn’t expect that there are so many reasons for the color of food. I’m really knowledgeable. What’s your understanding of blue food? You can leave a message for interaction.

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