Can human beings hold the dominant position of the earth? Watch out for these two creatures, don’t be trapped by them!

Can human beings hold the dominant position of the earth? Watch out for these two creatures, don’t be trapped by them!

In ancient times, human beings did not know what was happening in the world, nor did they know what kind of scenery was in the sky and on the earth. Until science and technology were strong enough, it became a reality to go up to the sky to catch the moon and go down to the sea to catch turtles. In the long process of evolution, human beings gradually shed their thick hair, develop their strengths and avoid their weaknesses. Most of their strengths continue, and their weaknesses are abandoned. Finally, they become the masters of the earth. From the current perspective, human beings dominate the world, and the world is developing in the direction expected by human beings. Theoretically speaking, there is no big problem for human beings to live on the earth.

However, there is a science fiction writer who does not agree with this view. He is Liu Cixin. Liu Cixin’s “three bodies” points out that the law of dark forest rings an alarm for human beings. In his view, human beings may not be able to dominate the earth all the time. In the future, there are two kinds of creatures that may replace human beings. The industry has been arguing about his view. So what are the two kinds of creatures he thinks? Can human beings hold the dominant position of the earth? Watch out for these two creatures, don’t be trapped by them!

Liu Cixin’s achievements for the scientific community

First of all, there is no doubt about Liu Cixin’s achievements. He wrote countless novels, especially “three bodies”, which is a milestone in science fiction, covering all scales from singularity to the edge of the universe. He guessed the future of the earth with bold ideas. He thought that human beings should always pay attention to octopus, squid and other mollusks. In fact, octopus belongs to four-dimensional space creatures, living in the deep sea. For human beings, they may be a delicious food.

Two creatures to be vigilant

In fact, what we know about it is only skin fur. Octopus has three hearts and nine brains. Human beings have only one heart and one brain. How can this not attract people’s attention? Someone once made an experiment to trap an octopus in a bottle and tighten the cap. He thought it would be trapped in the bottle all the time. He did not expect that the octopus would open the cap through his intelligence quotient. His intelligence is no less than that of human beings. He also has group consciousness. If the earth is in crisis and human beings are in danger of survival, octopus may take the place of human beings.

The second is viruses, bacteria and other microorganisms. The impact of large-scale release of virus is huge. It has strong vitality and is constantly changing. It has no special cell structure, so it can not survive independently. It must be attached to living cells. Nowadays, global warming is becoming more and more severe. The return of temperature leads to the melting of permafrost. Those ancient viruses that have been buried for a long time are released. If they are highly infectious, they will bring great losses to human beings.

Liu Cixin’s worry is not unreasonable. Viruses are likely to replace human beings, because their tenacious vitality can not be easily erased. As the master of the earth, human beings should pay attention to these two kinds of creatures at any time, which threaten the supremacy of human beings at any time. With the continuous development, we should pay more attention to the changes of the earth, and do not let these creatures take the place of human beings. Do you agree with Liu Cixin? You can leave a message for interaction.

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