Can human beings live forever in the future? It can be hard to do with it

13.8 billion years ago, there was a singularity in the void space, and then the big bang happened, and the universe was born. When the universe came into being, various laws of the universe appeared at the same time, such as the laws of time and space. There is also a law of reincarnation.

The earth was born 4.6 billion years ago. Fortunately, it has become a living planet. Millions of years ago, intelligent human beings were born. Since then, the earth has been upgraded to a civilized planet and started to develop greatly. After the birth of human beings, nature is not satisfied with only a short life, began to challenge the law of life and death, trying to achieve immortality.

In ancient times, for the sake of immortality, the first emperor of Qin sent people to look for elixirs overseas, and the king of Tang, Li Shimin, recruited Taoists to refine elixirs for him. But the cruel law told them that they were all useless, and no one could escape the law of life and death.

It’s not just the emperors who want to live forever. In fact, many people have this dream. Just as human beings dream of traveling all over the universe, everyone has a dream of eternal life. As human beings began to walk into the road of science and technology hundreds of years ago, human civilization also ushered in a period of rapid development. Soon, human beings realized their dream of flying to the sky and went out of the earth to explore the universe.

With the rapid development of science and technology, scientists naturally will not let go of all kinds of research on the human body, and immortality is also the goal scientists want to challenge. Is immortality really an unbreakable rule? The power of science is infinite. Scientists want to challenge the law of life and death through scientific research. Can human beings live forever?

We all know that there are many creatures on the earth, and they can’t live forever. Some creatures have short lives, such as bees, while others have very long lives. For example, turtles can sometimes live for more than a thousand years. Although human beings are the overlord of the earth and intelligent life, compared with the life span of many animals in nature, human life span is not long, it can be said that it is It’s short-lived.

If we want to achieve immortality through scientific means, we must think of ways in human genetics and cytology. Only when we enter the low light level world can we reveal the mystery of life span and find the way to immortality. Through the study of human genes and cells, scientists have found that the main reason for human aging and death is that cells play a decisive role. There are innumerable cells in the human body, which manage the various functions of human beings, and cells have a life span, they will age and die. At the same time, cells will continue to divide and renew, so that new cells replace the old cells and continue to maintain the normal physiological function of the human body.

Scientists have found that the cause of human aging and death is the aging of cells. If we can make cells continue to divide and constantly let new cells replace old cells, then we can achieve immortality? It’s a wonderful idea, but scientists have found a big problem in the process of studying cell division.

It turns out that there is a “telomere” at the end of the chromosome, which is the carrier of genetic material. It is very important for the integrity and stability of the chromosome. Every time a cell divides, a little telomere will be lost, which leads to the telomere becoming shorter and shorter, the stability of the chromosome decreasing, and the performance of the new cells is getting worse and worse. Therefore, people will age, live and die.

It is this “telomere” that makes the cell update slower and slower and the quality worse. It is just like a ruthless swordsman, blocking the development of cells. Is there a way to keep the length of the telomere unchanged and not shorten with cell renewal? If we solve this telomere problem, does it mean that immortality is possible?

Scientists have come up with the idea of implanting telomerase at the end of cells to solve this problem, but the real situation is far more complicated than imagined. Adding telomerase into cells can indeed make cells continue to divide, but this kind of division is not necessarily orderly division. It is possible to divide into cancer cells, that is, we can’t control this kind of division. Although it can effectively increase life expectancy, the risk of cancer will also be greatly increased.

It seems that it is impossible to solve the problem of telomere shortening by adding telomerase into cells. At present, scientists have not found a better way to solve this problem. The existence of telomere makes it difficult for human immortality plan to go on. However, with the rapid development of human science and technology, we may not be able to find other ways to solve the telomere problem in the future.

Once scientists solve this telomere problem in the future, will human beings live forever? I think things may not be so simple. The human body is an extremely complex and mysterious device, and its complexity is far beyond human imagination. The factor determining human life span is not only the problem of cell renewal, not telomere. There may be other factors that also affect human life span.

It is possible that when we solve the problem of telomere, we can let the cells continue to renew, which can greatly increase the life span of human beings, but it is difficult to achieve immortality. At that time, there will be new problems that hinder the exploration of immortality.

However, as mentioned above, the power of science is infinite. As long as human beings can develop continuously, the mysteries of the universe will be solved one by one, and the mysteries of life will be solved one by one. Human beings want to achieve immortality and immortality, although they will face many problems, with the continuous development of science and technology, these problems will be solved one by one.

The life span of human beings will continue to increase in the future, hundreds, thousands, tens of thousands, until immortality. It is believed that the power of science can be achieved. The birth of human beings is to challenge the laws of the universe, break the laws of the universe, and make human beings the overlord and supreme of the universe.

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