Can human beings reproduce in the universe? NASA tried to conceive in space, but the results were unexpected

Since the Soviet Union sent astronauts into space for the first time in the last century, people began to do their best to explore the secrets of space. NASA is very interested in the question of whether human beings can reproduce in the universe and give birth to cosmic babies.

Is it difficult to reproduce in space? It doesn’t sound very difficult, but because of the special space environment, two problems are difficult to solve

1. In the case of weightlessness in space, what kind of pregnancy posture?

2. How to overcome the radiation environment in space?

Because NASA is eager to know how human beings can overcome many difficulties and reproduce in the universe. So in 1996, NASA tried to get astronauts to do this.

Because this may be an immoral task, it was initially carried out in secret. However, because the universe is weightless, astronauts want to be close to each other and will be separated by gravity.

A French writer once expressed his views

In weightlessness, if you want to conceive successfully, it not only has a great impact on human psychology, but also is impossible without the help of a third person. Let’s imagine how embarrassing it would be to have a third person help us with this task!

Even if all the problems mentioned above can be solved and the female astronaut is pregnant successfully, the space baby to be born will also receive 10 times more radiation than the ground. Therefore, whether the child can be born successfully is also a huge problem.

If a new life is persecuted just to know whether the experiment is feasible, it is absolutely not allowed by the world.

But in fact, there are no female astronauts participating in the “space pregnancy test program.”. This shows that NASA is making up an event. Is the result completely unexpected?

However, it is said that NASA has successfully sent jellyfish into space to breed. Perhaps in the near future, technology will go to a new level, and this project will be implemented again. What do you think?

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