Can human beings reverse growth and live younger? Scientists have found the answer through experiments

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Life is the most complex and mysterious thing in the universe. Whether it is a simple life or an advanced life like human beings, there is a law that always accompanies it. This law is the law of life and death. From the day of birth, any life will inevitably face death in the future. The difference is that the life span is different. Even the intelligent life like human beings, whether you were an emperor or an ordinary person, rich or poor, will inevitably die and return to nature.

Death is the fate of every life. In ancient times, some emperors wanted to get rid of this fate, so they visited the so-called elixir to achieve immortality. For example, Qin Shihuang, Han Wudi, Li Shimin and other emperors all had such a dream of immortality. Unfortunately, they all failed in the end, and no one could escape the law of life and death.

For the ancients, they did not have the help of scientific forces, and their understanding of life was basically zero, so it was impossible to solve the mystery of life and death, so as to achieve immortality. So when human beings enter the era of science and technology, with the power of science, can they crack the mystery of life?

In the eyes of scientists, everything in the world can be solved by science. Everything has its essence, and so does life. As long as we really fully understand life, it is possible to uncover the mystery behind life and death. At that time, we may be able to achieve immortality. Theoretically speaking, it is possible to achieve immortality of life, but it is very difficult to achieve it.

Naturally, scientists do not expect to be able to step up to the sky and solve the mystery of life and death. Instead, they hope that through the research and exploration of life, human life will continue to increase, and even reverse human growth will be realized, and the more we live, the younger we will be. Although many people may not have much interest in immortality, it is everyone’s dream to live younger and younger.

Especially for the majority of female friends, it is hoped that their appearance can slowly aging, and even be able to rejuvenate. Some people may say that the age of human beings is growing, and their appearance will be aging day by day. It’s impossible to return to the 30-year-old appearance at the age of 80. Time can’t go back. Is that really the case?

It’s true that time can’t go back, but human appearance can. As long as we can solve the mystery of life, we may be able to achieve such reverse growth. Last year, scientists released a new research result, which successfully made a person 2.5 years younger in one year. What’s going on? Is there any panacea?

In fact, this experiment of scientists only reactivates an organ that has been ignored by us for a long time, which has a very important relationship with human life span. It is a lymphoid organ, also known as the thymus, which will continue to degenerate with the growth of human age. The thymus is a small gland located above the chest. At birth, it’s about the size of a 1 / 3-1 / 2-ounce fist, and it can reach 17 ounces in adolescence.

However, when the human body enters puberty, the thymus begins to degenerate and become smaller and smaller. At the age of 80, we can’t see it at all. It can’t be seen. It’s still a mystery whether it’s completely disappeared or degraded and hidden. For a long time, scientists have regarded it as a dispensable organ and thought it was useless for human body.

It was not until the 1950s that scientists really discovered the magic of thymus. It turns out that thymus is not a useless organ, but a very important organ of human body, which plays a vital role in human health and life span, especially in aging. Scientists speculate that the aging of human appearance is closely related to the continuous degradation of thymus.

So scientists came up with a way to reactivate the thymus. This way is to inject growth hormone to make it grow again and rejuvenate in the human body. The scientists chose nine healthy elderly volunteers, injected them with growth hormone, and a miracle happened. One year later, the thymus of nine volunteers became bigger again, and the people became younger, and the reverse growth was successfully realized.

And after six months of follow-up observation, the elderly volunteers were also very healthy, without rebound and other side effects. This is a great discovery. Although it only makes the old people 2.5 years younger, it is a good start. As long as we can continue to study, I believe that in the future scientists will develop a perfect growth hormone, so that people’s appearance will not age with age.

At that time, although human beings still can’t defeat death, they can keep a person young forever. Of course, this is a good thing and a bad thing. The good thing is that at that time, everyone could be young forever, and there was no old man in the street. In a family, grandfather is as young as grandson. The disadvantage is that people can’t judge a person’s age by his appearance, which has a great influence on people’s communication and daily communication.

Just think about it, a girl fell in love with a young man. She thought she was the same age, but she didn’t expect that she was an old man in her 60s. In addition, in people’s daily work, it is difficult to distinguish between elders and peers. In fact, it’s also a kind of pain. When we interact with people, we have to look at each other’s ID card to determine their age.

Of course, what people want to see more is the substantial increase of life span, which is the major achievement that can truly realize the leap of human civilization. In the future, after human beings enter the interstellar age, because they often need to stay in the starry sky for a long time, it is possible that a Star Trek will take more than hundreds of years. If we don’t have a long life span, even if we have achieved interstellar navigation, we can hardly become an interstellar civilization.

For an interstellar civilization, the life span of human beings should be at least over a thousand years old. Some people may say, can such a long life span really be achieved? In fact, for the rapid development of human science and technology, it may not take long to achieve this goal. Perhaps hundreds of years later, the average life span of human beings will reach thousands of years.

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