Can human beings stabilize the earth’s hegemony? With these three species, the human earth may not be protected!

Can human beings stabilize the earth’s hegemony? With these three species, the human earth may not be protected!

Looking back on the history of human domination of the earth, it has been nearly 3 million years. Humans stand out among many creatures, even dinosaurs. Although human beings do not have dinosaur’s huge body and sensitive limbs, they have become the masters of the earth by virtue of their unique ability and consciousness. So far, no one has been able to shake the position of human beings. After successfully standing at the top of the food chain, mankind transformed the earth.

Today’s earth has changed unprecedentedly. Human beings are so powerful that people have to praise it. Can human beings live on the earth safely forever? Obviously, it is impossible. Any living thing is a process from prosperity to decline. If human beings disappear one day in the future, what species will replace human beings? Scientists suggest three possibilities. Can human beings stabilize the earth’s hegemony? With these three species, the human earth may not be protected!

Three species to be vigilant against

The first is artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence technology is gradually improving. It is only a matter of time before it becomes intelligent in the future. Although artificial intelligence has not evolved human consciousness, it has advantages that human beings do not have, and its work efficiency is higher than that of human beings. Nowadays, human beings rely more on artificial intelligence, which is like a double-edged sword. Although it promotes the progress of human civilization, it will push human beings into the abyss of bottomless pit If human beings can’t make good use of it, it will be possible for artificial intelligence to replace human beings when it evolves into consciousness in the future, and then human destiny will change dramatically.

The second is the threat of alien organisms. Is there any alien civilization in the universe? It’s a problem that scientists are discussing. It’s not uncommon to find aliens. More and more people think that human civilization is not the only thing in the universe. Due to the limitation of technology, human beings can’t reach other planets. On the one hand, it’s the problem of distance. On the other hand, it’s also related to technology. When the extraterrestrial civilization becomes strong enough, it’s sooner or later to occupy the earth How can technology compete with it? In the end, it can only be eliminated, because nature has always followed the principle of survival of the fittest, and will lose the ability to rule the earth in the case that human beings cannot resist.

Finally, nature has eliminated human beings. Human destruction of the earth is no longer a matter of two days. Global warming, marine pollution and other issues are reminding mankind one by one that human destruction of the natural environment never stops, and there is a bottom line for the environment. When human touch its bottom line, it will be eaten back. A virus and natural disaster in the future will make human disappear completely in the long river of history, Therefore, human beings should respect nature, not irritate nature, and finally embark on a road of no return.

These are the problems that scientists are worried about at present. They can take the place of human beings anytime and anywhere. Human beings should not be too self righteous. As the saying goes, there are mountains outside the mountains and there are people outside the people. Being too arrogant is counterproductive. In addition to these three species, do you know what will threaten human beings’ status? You can leave a message for interaction.

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