Can human beings surpass dinosaurs? It’s very difficult, because these things are enough to destroy human beings

Dinosaurs began to dominate the earth 160 million years ago. Only when dinosaurs died out 65 million years ago did human beings have the chance to replace the “position” of dinosaurs. So, for humans with intelligent civilization, can they surpass dinosaurs and rule the earth for a longer time?

It may be very difficult to surpass the history of dinosaurs. Even though human beings are now at the top of the earth’s food chain, there are still too many things that can destroy us for human civilization.

First, disasters from the universe, such as asteroid impact, high-energy solar flares, supernova explosions, and gamma ray bursts from the distant universe, can seriously destroy the earth’s ecosystem, and human beings are likely to die out because of these disasters, just like the asteroid impact on the Earth 65 million years ago, making Dinosaurs and other species disappear in the earth’s life evolution history.

According to the five mass extinctions that have happened on the earth, the extinction of the earth has a periodic law. 65 million years have passed since the last mass extinction. Therefore, we can not predict whether the next mass extinction will come or whether we will experience the sixth mass extinction.

In addition to disasters from the universe, our earth is constantly changing, such as the earth’s magnetic field, atmosphere, temperature, glacier melting and so on, which may cause great changes in the earth’s environment, resulting in the compression of human living space, and the earth may no longer be suitable for life.

Judging from the current level of science and technology, it can not support us to realize the dream of interstellar migration, so our population will be sharply reduced until we die. In addition to the changes in the earth’s environment, there are many factors that can affect human beings, such as bacteria and viruses, species that we can’t see with the naked eye.

Some people say that, in fact, we humans have never been the master of the earth, and those micro invisible viruses and bacteria are the master of the earth. Why do you say that? Because the life of each of us will be affected by them. Although we can hardly see them with the naked eye, there are bacteria and viruses around us, on our skin, and even inside our bodies.

We can’t know whether there is a virus that can destroy human beings in nature. Once there is such a virus or bacteria, it will be an extinct disaster for human beings, just like the outbreak of new coronavirus this year, affecting all parts of the world. Of course, in addition to these factors, human activities and even the development of science and technology are causing damage to the earth’s ecology. With the progress of human science and technology, the weapons made by human beings are becoming more and more advanced and powerful.

Therefore, human beings may be annihilated by themselves and perish in human wars. If we human beings want to surpass the history of dinosaurs and multiply on the earth for hundreds of millions of years, it is still a very difficult thing.

After all, there are too many factors that can lead to the extinction of human beings, and the only way to escape the extinction of the earth’s creatures is to achieve interstellar migration, so that human beings can become a real interstellar race. And that’s what it’s all about to explore the universe.

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