Can humans compete with dinosaurs when magnified 10 times? Big may not be the advantage!

Can humans compete with dinosaurs when magnified 10 times? Big may not be the advantage!

Hundreds of years ago, human beings were one of the vulnerable groups, and they are totally two extremes of today’s human beings. No matter in size or agility, they are far behind other creatures. If we put human beings in the era of dinosaurs, they will either starve to death or be eaten directly by dinosaurs, we can see that the situation of human beings is not optimistic. It was not until the later period that great changes took place in the human body, such as the removal of thick hair, the beginning of upright walking, and the possession of many rare skills that human beings gradually rose.

Differences between humans and animals

In that competitive situation, if human beings do not have unique skills, they will only face extinction. Fortunately, human beings have conquered everything and become the master of the earth. Thanks to the brain full of wisdom, it can also create high-tech through both hands. When in a desperate situation, it can come up with a way to deal with it through the brain. Even if it encounters a ferocious beast larger than its own size, it can use high technology to defeat it. All these have laid a good foundation for human beings to become the overlord of the earth. Can humans compete with dinosaurs when magnified 10 times? Big may not be the advantage!

In addition, thanks to the extinction of dinosaurs, otherwise there would be no human today. The size of dinosaurs is ten times that of human beings. In the eyes of dinosaurs, human beings are as small as ants. They can do whatever they want on land. No matter how high-tech human beings have, they may not be the rivals of dinosaurs. Many people have put forward a conjecture. If we enlarge the size of human beings ten times and become giants, can we fight with dinosaurs? This question is very meaningful.

Advantages and disadvantages of Tyrannosaurus Rex

Take Tyrannosaurus Rex for example. It is more than 10 meters long and weighs 9 tons. It has sharp claws and amazing bite force. An adult man is about 1.8 meters tall. When magnified 10 times, it becomes 18 meters. It is obvious that human beings will be more dominant than dinosaurs in body shape. In other words, human beings can’t defeat Tyrannosaurus Rex. Why on earth?

The way of human survival is relatively weak. In the long evolution, the sharp claws and teeth have been removed and can only be replaced by tools. Compared with the natural skills of Tyrannosaurus Rex, human beings have no advantage at all. In Tyrannosaurus Rex’s view, human is like a magnified food, but it will arouse its desire to conquer. Of course, humans have their own ways. The human brain is not what Tyrannosaurus Rex does. To defeat Tyrannosaurus Rex through wisdom, it is not necessary to use brute force to defeat it. Sometimes wisdom is more useful than brute force. No matter how much effort is expended, there is no good way to be more effective.

In the face of this speculation, everyone has their own opinions. If Tyrannosaurus Rex still exists on the earth, many people will feel panic, not to mention fighting with Tyrannosaurus Rex. The fierce face alone is enough to make human retreat. Perhaps many brave human beings rush out to fight with it and use their own advantages to defeat it. As for the result, no one knows. Do you think human beings can defeat all living things on earth after being enlarged? You can leave a message for interaction.

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