Can humans make Dyson balls? It may take tens of thousands of years

The universe is vast, with countless stars and planets. Naturally, there will be other alien civilizations. Although mankind has been out of the earth for more than half a century and has not found any extraterrestrial life and alien civilization, scientists firmly believe that alien civilization exists, but human science and technology is still too low to go out of the solar system and explore the world outside the solar system.

If there is an alien civilization in the universe, then the strength between civilizations must be different. How is the strength level divided? Some scientists have put forward a conjecture: the civilization of the universe is divided into four levels. At present, human beings can only be regarded as 0.7 level civilization, not even one level civilization. The second level civilization has been regarded as a preliminary interstellar civilization, and one of the most obvious signs is that it can create a huge Dyson sphere to surround the stars and absorb energy for its own use.

Some people once proposed: can human beings make a Dyson ball? The answer depends on which stage human beings are in. With less than one level of human civilization strength, it is impossible to produce a Dyson ball, which is beyond the scope of our current science and technology.

In fact, the development of a civilization is also the development of energy. Using the energy of the parent star is only the primary stage, and it is also the work of civilization below one level. But the energy on the planet is limited. Sooner or later, it will run out. At that time, if civilization wants to continue, it must go to the starry sky and exploit energy from space. And the most indispensable thing in the universe is stars, of course, there are ubiquitous stars.

A star is a huge sphere in which nuclear fusion is constantly taking place. They bring some light and darkness to the dark and cold universe, which is also an inevitable condition for the birth of life. The star itself is a powerful energy source, any civilization will want to use the energy of the star at a certain stage. After entering the fast lane of scientific and technological development, human beings are naturally trying to improve the collection and application of solar energy.

However, the solar energy that we can use now is extremely limited. Human beings can only use a very small part of the solar energy that shines on the earth every day. Most of us still can’t use it, let alone directly close to the sun and build a Dyson ball to wrap it and collect and absorb energy. That’s something that scientists can’t imagine at present.

So when will humans be able to build a Dyson ball? This is about the speed of the development of human civilization. Only when human civilization reaches the second level can we have the strength to build the Dyson ball. However, it is not easy for human beings to upgrade from the civilization which is less than the first level to the second level. It takes a long time.

Although the development of science and technology of human beings is very fast, there will be a leap forward development in a hundred years, but it will take a long time for human beings to reach the first-class civilization. The symbol of the first-class civilization is that all the resources on the earth can be used, and there are still many energy resources on the earth that can not be fully utilized by human beings, such as geothermal energy, submarine energy, underground energy, combustible ice, etc It will take at least several hundred years to realize the application of these energy sources.

It will take a longer time to upgrade from a first-class civilization to a second-class civilization. In fact, it took more than 6000 years for human beings to upgrade from a 0-class civilization to a first-class civilization. It has been about 6000 years since human written records began. As the level of civilization gets higher and higher, it will take more and more time, because it will take about 10000 years for human beings to upgrade from the first level civilization to the second level civilization, so it will take about 10000 years for human beings to be able to build the Dyson ball.

Some people may ask: if after 10000 years, mankind has become a second-class civilization and wants to build a Dyson sphere to wrap the sun, what about the light and heat of the earth? To know the growth of plants on earth, the survival of human beings is inseparable from the sunlight. When human beings really have the ability to build a Dyson sphere to collect stellar energy, they believe that they will not wrap the sun, but go to the solar system to collect other stellar energy.

The sun also serves the earth and human beings. If the sun is wrapped up, the sunlight shining on the earth will be much weaker, which does not use the survival of life. Therefore, the sun can not be wrapped, and can only go to the solar system to wrap other stars. Although humans are not yet able to get out of the solar system and go to other star systems.

But ten thousand years later, when human beings reached the second level of civilization, the speed of the spaceship had already achieved the speed of light. At this time, it was not difficult to leave the solar system and go to the nearby star system. For example, go to biling, the star system closest to the solar system. This galaxy is 4.2 light-years away from the earth. It is a three-star system with three stars. Human beings can wrap one of them to collect its energy.

If the biling star already has intelligent civilization, but it has not yet reached level II civilization, they should also thank mankind. It is not a good thing to know that a galaxy has three suns. The temperature is too high and the radiation is too strong. If we can wrap one of the Suns, the radiation and energy will be reduced, which is a good thing for the development of a civilization.

If there is only one star in the solar system, we can’t wrap it up. If there are two stars, it may wrap one of them. Of course, the existence of Dyson sphere is only some conjectures of scientists. At present, human beings have not had contact and communication with the real alien civilization, and they do not know how to divide the strength level of the cosmic civilization, and whether there is the application of civilization to wrap the stars and collect energy.

Although we are not sure whether there is such a huge device as the Dyson sphere, there is no doubt that after the civilization has developed to a certain stage, it will collect and utilize the energy of the stars. Human beings have begun to use solar energy now. In the future, with more advanced technology, it will increase the collection and application of solar energy. It may not build such a device, but use other methods To collect and absorb solar energy.

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