Can humans observe if there is an interstellar war among alien civilizations?

In 5000 years, there have been 15000 wars of different sizes, resulting in more than 3 billion people lost their lives in wars. However, in the long history of 5000 years, only 300 years have passed since mankind enjoyed peace. Today, there are still wars of fratricidal nature.

That seems to explain a truth. As long as there are civilizations on the earth, there will be wars. After all, the degree of civilization development is different. Some civilizations have developed to a certain extent, some are backward. The developed civilizations want to grab resources when they see that the backward civilizations are rich in resources. The backward civilizations naturally have to rise up to resist, and so wars happened. In history, the wars between human civilizations are undoubtedly the plunder of resources and land.

It seems that war is indispensable to the survival of civilization

People live in a huge universe, with 2 trillion galaxies, 2000 trillion star systems, and countless planets. But at present, human beings have only found life on the earth, and the earth civilization created by human beings seems to be the only civilization in the universe. Although human beings have not found alien civilization in reality, theoretically speaking, there are so many planets in the universe, Ken There must be more than one human.

A planet with extraterrestrial life and civilization is likely to exist in the depths of the universe for hundreds of light years, thousands of light years, or even hundreds of millions of light years. Some scientists even point out that there is not only extraterrestrial civilization, but also extraterrestrial civilization is much higher than human civilization.

At present, the civilization level of human beings is only 0.7, but if the level of alien civilization is higher, then they should have reached the level 3 of cosmic civilization. History has proved that wars will take place in civilized places. If there is a level 3 alien civilization higher than human beings in the universe, then interstellar wars will break out between two high-level civilizations. Can human beings see it?

High level civilization in space and the imagination of interstellar war

When the war breaks out in the advanced civilizations of the universe, the advanced weapons they use can also produce huge energy, and can also spread in the universe with electromagnetic waves or neutrinos. Therefore, human beings only need to capture and analyze the abnormal electromagnetic waves or different states of neutrinos in the universe, and can grasp the war dynamics of the two advanced civilizations. However, compared with electromagnetic waves, human beings study neutrinos The precision of a war with advanced civilization in space is higher.

Because the propagation of electromagnetic wave weakens with the increase of distance, it is difficult to transmit the complete information of alien civilization war to the earth. On the contrary, neutrinos are different. They not only spread far away, but also can completely retain the war information of advanced civilization for human interception. So if there is a war between two advanced civilizations in the universe, human beings can use radio telescopes and other instruments to detect. After all, human beings have mastered the receiving technology of electromagnetic waves and neutrinos, but human beings can not really observe their image dynamics with vision.

Satellites are always ready to receive signals from outer space

In fact, human beings have been paying close attention to the mysterious information in the universe. Since the 1950s, human beings have received a large number of mysterious information in the universe, such as the mysterious outer space signal “wow” received by human beings in the late 1970s; during the cold war, the United States and the Soviet Union simultaneously received a distress signal from suspected aliens 50000 light-years away.

Even in January 2019, Canadian scientists successively intercepted 13 mysterious signals in outer space, one of which was repeated six times. This does not rule out the possibility that the advanced civilization of the universe will break out Star Wars and send them to the earth in the form of energy. It is believed that with the progress of human science and technology, it will eventually be revealed.

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